Towie’s Olivia Attwood has been forced to cancel dream wedding to Blackburn Rovers’ Bradley Dack


TOWIE star Olivia Attwood has been forced to cancel her dream wedding due to Covid-19.

Former Love Island babe Liv, 26, was planning to marry footballer Bradley Dack in a huge overseas celebration next year.

Olivia Attwood has revealed she has had to cancel her dream wedding to Bradley Dack

But the devastated reality star has had to scrap her fairytale plans for a smaller UK ceremony.

Liv said: “It’s all been a bit of a nightmare with Covid.

“I was just getting my teeth into planning it all and then we went into lockdown.

“I had my heart set on a wedding abroad but we have scrapped that because I can’t travel to do venue reckies. 

Olivia said she is ‘devastated’ at having to postpone her plans

“Brad definitely can’t have two week quarantine with football and I can’t with filming so it is forcing us to look at venues in the UK. 

“We want it to be summer 2021 so it needs to be booked asap or it’s not going to happen. 

“My wedding planner said everyone who was getting married this year is now getting married next year, so all the venues are filling up fast. 

“We only have a very small window of about a month to get married because of Brad’s football schedule so it’s proving really hard.”

Liv is now having to get married in the UK rather than abroad

Liv got engaged to Brad last October after he proposed during a romantic holiday to Dubai. 

She has temporarily left Towie to film her own reality show, Olivia Meets Her Match, which will focus on her wedding plans.

Liv, 26, split with her Love Island-ex Chris Hughes in early 2018, while filming their disastrous reality show Crackin’ On.

And she admitted her and Brad, 26, had clashed over wedding plans. 

The couple got engaged last October

She said: “We aren’t falling out because there’s no discussion. I think he will just turn up on the day and I’ve made my peace with that now. 

“At first I was getting really upset and annoyed that he didn’t seem interested in the wedding but then I spoke to my mum and she said my dad didn’t get involved in their wedding either. “Soom grooms are really into it and I guess some aren’t and I’ve had to make peace with the fact Brad isn’t.”

One thing Brad is interested in organising is a wild stag do abroad.

Liv added: “He’s definitely involved in the planning of the stag do. I hear about that every bloody day. 

The couple have had to rethink their wedding plans

“We obviously both want to go away on holiday for our stag and hen do. Especially because we can’t go away from the wedding but at the moment we are too scared to book anything in case it gets cancelled. 

“It’s all a bit of a nightmare to be honest.”

Onscreen, Liv has been accused by some viewers of bullying Chloe Brockett.

But she hit back saying: “Chloe has said some horrible things about me.

“She’s made comments about my age, my appearance, saying I should have had children by now. 

“I think it just shows her age. I know I also throw insults but there are certain areas you just don’t go near and I think you realise what they are with age.

“I have an issue with people constantly asking about babies and I think she brought it up on purpose because of that. 

“Women’s age and fertility is a very sensitive subject to so many people you can’t get away with using it as an insult or a young girl shouldn’t make comments about it. 

“That is walking a dangerous line. It is an area that shouldn’t be used to insult.”

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