TWO Love Island contestants have already left the villa in shock dumping after four couples were at risk


TWO Love Island contestants have already left the villa after the least compatible couple has been voted off.

On Friday night the Islanders were asked in their couples to nominate the two couples they felt were the least compatible.

Two Love Island contestants have already left the villa in scenes that will air tonight

Sinnise and Luke T, Sophie and Mike, Rebecca and Wallace and Jess and Luke M all received votes from their fellow Islanders, which automatically put them at risk of being dumped from the Island.

After Friday’s show the public voted for their favourites and saved two of those couples.

Out of the final four two contestants were dumped in scenes that will air tonight.

Butwill a couple leave together or could there be another twist in store?

The Love Island cast in their final selfie before the dumped couple left the villa
FOUR Love Island couples were at risk from being dumped from the villa

On Friday night, Sophie and Mike and got three votes from other couples in the villa, after she rejected the ex copper’s advances.

But the pair knew they’d most likely get picked, which prompted them to make a “tactical vote” and chose Siannise and Luke T to get the boot.

Rebecca Gormley and Wallace Wilson unsurprisingly found themselves with six votes after the Geordie stunner made it clear she had no feelings for the Scottish model.

Elsewhere, Jess Gale and Luke M were awarded four votes each after Jess told the Justin Bieber lookalike that she had more of a connection with Mike.

Siannise and Luke found themselves at risk after Sophie suggested making a ‘tactical vote’ with Mike
Rebecca and Wallace had viewers in stitches as they clearly aren’t getting along

Shaugna Phillips and Callum Jones, and Finn and Paige Turley were saved thanks to not receiving any votes from their fellow Islanders.

However, fans spotted that Shaughna tried to convince Callum to vote for Mike and Sophie too, after telling viewers in the beach hut on Thursday that there are “three people in this relationship.”

Shaughna got upset on Thursday after Callum took Sophie’s side in a debate over why Sophie hadn’t left the villa when Connor Durman was dumped.

But she apologised to Sophie on Friday night, admitting she should have backed her pal all the way.

Callum convinced Shaughna that they shouldn’t vote for Mike or Sophie

Is it me or does Shaughna seem hell bent on getting rid of Sophie…Insecureeeeeee #LoveIsland

— dont f#ck with… (@biccydunker) January 31, 2020

Shaughna is itching for Sophie to leave that villa #LoveIsland

— Est (@estherrade) January 31, 2020

Shaughnasproblem is NOT mike #LoveIsland she wants Sophie gone

— Blessed (@Iambenedicte) January 31, 2020

Actually feel for Sophie. Love Shaughna to bits but who is she to judge Sophie? Sophie obviously hasn't found what she's looking for or she wouldn't still be there and it's noone elses place to say otherwise #loveisland #catchingup

— Emily M (@MarshallEmily16) January 31, 2020

Four couples are at risk…

Who will you vote to save? #LoveIsland

— Love Island 24/7 (@LoveIsland247) January 31, 2020

The girls realise they have to pick who they want to leave the villa in the ‘compatibility’

One fan said: “Shaughna is itching for Sophie to leave that villa”

Another wrote: “I feel like Shaughna is lying. She doesnt wanna get rid of Mike, she wants to get rid of Sophie. Theres something about her that shes jealous of Im sure of it”

And one more said: “Shaughnasproblem is NOT mike #LoveIsland she wants Sophie gone.”