Tyrique slammed as a ‘game player’ by Love Island fans as he turns on ‘most popular couple’ in the villa

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TYRIQUE Hyde has been slammed as a ‘game player’ by Love Island fans as he turns on the ‘most popular couple’ in the villa.

Last night Maya Jama announced that Whitney Adebayo and Lochan Nowacki were the viewer’s favourite couple.

Love Island fans think that Tyrique is playing a game

Whitney and Lochan were announced as the public’s favourite couple

The pair were tasked with picking who was going to be sent home – and they decided to chose Kady and Ouzy over Mitchel and Ella B.

Tonight Ty tells them that he thinks that they made a mistake – AND also decides to take his relationship with Ella to the next level.

Love Island fans have called out his decisions and branded him a ‘game player’.

One said on Instagram: “Whitney and Lochan voted favourite couple so Ty about to up his game with Ella, that won’t make you won still Ty.”

“Tyrique really wants that 50k,” another chimed in.

A third added: “Tyrique is under pressure after Whitney was announced as a fan favourite couple.”

“Ty it’s not real…. he fighting for his life now that Whitney is the fav,” a fourth said.

A fifth chimed in: “I don’t care what nobody say but Ty is playing the game.. I can’t see them lasting a month on the outside. Whitney and Lochan actually brings out different personalities in others and if anyone can’t see that.. “

However others rushed to defend the pro footie star.

One said: “now noone is allowed to progress their relationship because they’ll automatically be called a gameplay.”

“Ppl screaming about Ty sabotaging Whitney/Lochan’s relationship b/c he gave his opinion on the dumping? And that he’s a game player for advancing his relationship? Is that not the point of the show lol!l?,” a second pointed out.

Ella and Tyrique haven’t had an easy ride in the villa.

The pair coupled up on day one, but at the beginning of his stint, Ty wanted to get to know other girls, while Ella stayed loyal.

The pair decided to close things off before Casa Amor – and Ty didn’t chat to any girls during the sister villa.

However Ella shocked everyone when she brought Ouzy back to the main villa.

She soon realised she made a mistake and despite saying the damage was done, the two are still together.

But recently Ella B has caused a few issues between them.

The beauty entered as a bombshell and made it clear that she had unfinished business with him.

Despite that, Ty only has eyes for Ella.

Tyrique wants to take his relationship with Ella to the next step

Kady and Ouzy were sent home