Who is Casey Ranger? The mother of Love Islands Jack Finchams baby


LOVE Island winner Jack Fincham has revealed he fathered a child with Casey Ranger.

The reality star said he and the mother of his daughter are great friends when he announced the news on Saturday, January 25 2020.

Jack Fincham pictured with his daughter Blossom Fincham

Who is Casey Ranger?

Casey Ranger is a 29-year-old NHS health compliance officer, who had a whirlwind romance with Jack Fincham weeks after he split from Dani Dyer.

The two have known each other for around 10 years and are parents to daughter Blossom Fincham.

However, they are no longer romantically linked and simply just great friends, according to 2018 Love Island winner Jack, 28.

In a statement released on Saturday, January 25 2020 the Kent-born star said: “Myself and Casey got together when we were both single.

“It was a whirlwind romance and shortly after had the amazing news that she was expecting which we were both over the moon about.

He added: “It didnt work out romantically for us, however as Ive said previously we are still great friends and have been for around 10 years.

“Casey has been amazing throughout this whole process and I couldnt of asked for a better person to co-parent our beautiful daughter Blossom with.”

Casey Ranger is the mother of Jack Fincham’s child

What is Casey Ranger’s job?

According to Caseys LinkedIn profile she previously worked as a beauty adviser for Selfridges.

She is also said to have worked for a top nursing agency, which supplies care to both the NHS and private medical sector.

Casey Ranger is believed to be a NHS health compliance officer

When did Casey Ranger give birth to Jack Fincham’s baby?

Casey gave birth to 8lb 2oz Blossom on Friday, January 24 2020 – just nine months after Jack split from Dani.

Jack revealed to fans via Instagram that both mother and daughter were doing great following the birth.

He went on to add: I am now a proud dad to a healthy baby girl Blossom Fincham.

How did Casey Ranger meet Jack Fincham?

It is unclear how Casey and Jack met but the latter said they have been friends for many years, as he outlined their goals as parents.

In a lengthy post on the microblogging website, the TV star told his 2.3 million followers that their priority is to co-parent fo Blossom.