Who is Love Island Australia’s Cassidy McGill?


LOVE Island Australia will give fans their summer fix as it returns to screens in place of the UK version, which was cancelled due to lockdown restrictions.

Former barmaid Cassidy McGill is one of the ladies looking for love on the show.


Love Island Australia’s Cassidy McGill is an Instagram model

Who is Love Island Australia’s Cassidy McGill?

25-year-old Instagram model Cassidy is now a full-time influencer from Melbourne.

Since making a name for herself on the reality show back in 2018, Cassidy has amassed fans on social media, regularly modelling and promoting brands on her profiles.

You can find Cassidy striking a pose on Instagram @cattcity where she has 297k followers.

She did however upset fans when she complained about how hard it is to work as an Instagram model – responding to the backlash saying: “Everyone thinks that we get paid a s*** load to do f*** all, and it’s really easy – it’s not easy, this job basically never stops and there’s a lot of pressure.

“The way I look at it, you have your job, you have however many bosses, you maybe have a review once a month where they give you some feedback, some constructive criticism, they give you some praise and you move on from there.

“I have 260,000 bosses essentially… (who) give me constructive criticism in the most gruesome ways on the daily.


Love Island Australia is being aired on ITV2 instead of the UK version

What was Cassidy McGill doing before Love Island?

The country girl was working as a barmaid before quitting her job to enter the villa in 2018.

Cassidy had been single for two years and described herself as a socially awkward tomboy.

She had been in a previous relationship for four-years.

25-year-old Instagram model Cassidy is now a full-time influencer

What did Cassidy say about going into the Love Island villa?

The blonde beauty said her motivation for going on the show was to end her eight-month dry spell and was hoping to find true romance.

She was looking for a laid-back, sporty, tattooed guy and said she loved the surfy look, old school manners and chivalry.

She described herself as: “A country girl at heart” and “loves reading raunchy, romantic novels.”

When is Love Island Australia on TV?

Love Island Australia returns TONIGHT, Tuesday, June 15, 2020 at 9pm on ITV2.

It will air every night for 30 episodes.

Series one of Love Island Australia first aired in 2018.

As the UK Love Island has been cancelled for summer 2020 due to Covid-19 restrictions, the Aussie version is being shown in its place.