Who is Paige Turley? Lewis Capaldis ex girlfriend and Winter Love Island cast member


PAIGE Turley is heading into the Winter Love Island villa.

But who is the Scottish songstress? Here’s everythign you need to know.

Who is Winter Love Islands Paige Turley?

paige Turley is a 22-year-old singer from West Lothian, Scotland.

The blonde bombshell is no stranger to the spotlight, she appeared on Britain’s Got Talent when she was 14 and got to the semi-finals.

And when she was a teenager, she dated Lewis Capaldi for “about a year” and remains friends with the Glasweigan star.

Paige says her eyes are her best feature – but boys beware, she describes ACDC’s Highway to Hell as the song that best sums up her love life, adding: “My dates dont
know what theyre letting themselves in for!”

The: “Loud, boisterous and fun” 22-year-old is looking for love – but also hopes to make some friends in the villa.

What is Paige Turley looking for in the Winter Love Island villa?

Paige describes her perfect man as the clich of tall, dark and handsome.

She adds: “Hes got to be quite witty with a bit of banter and something about him.

“I like a guy with a strong personality, he knows who he is and what he wants”.

Her ideal date is “something relaxed” and “in the sun” so South Africa should be perfect.

She says she’ll slate any lads that try and use a pick-up line on her and will remain loyal if the man is for her because: ” If the wandering eye comes thats a sign its not right”.

She says she’s strong minded

When does Love Island start and how to watch?

The new winter series isstarting on Sunday, January 12, 2020on ITV2.

After the first episode airs at 9pm, you can catch the programme at the same time each night throughout the week.

It is the sixth season of the popular reality TV show and the first of two series to be aired in 2020.

Love Island usually airs every night with a recap on the weeks events on a Saturday.

For the 2020 winter edition, Love Island: Aftersun will air every Monday at 10pm after the main show has finished.

Both Winter Love Island and Love Island Aftersun will also be available to watch on demand on the ITV Hub.