Who is Sinnise Fudge? Love Island 2020 contestant from Bristol


A GIRL that knows her bronzer from her primer, Sinnise Fudge is hoping to catch the boys’ eyes in the Love Island villa.

Will the 25-year-old be able to wow Love Island fans and go all the way to win the grand prize?

Sinnise is keen to impress in the Love Island villa

Who is Love Island’s Sinnise Fudge?

Fudge is a 25-year-old beauty consultant from Bristol.

In an interview with ITV before stepping into the villa, Sinnise opened up about herself, stating her worst habit as struggling to get up in the morning as she loves sleeping in.

She revealed she’s never been on a dating app and usually meets people through Instagram or in real life.

The Bristol beauty hinted that she will remain loyal to a guy she truly likes and revealed her worst dating experience.

“I went on a date once where I wanted to go home as soon as I got there”, she explained.

“He didnt look like his pictures on Instagram at all!”

Sinnise is looking for love this winter

What is Sinnise Fudge looking for in the Love Island villa this winter?

Sinnise is eager to show she can be fun and sassy and has stated that she knows what she wants in a man.

“Ive experienced quite a lot with men, so I know what Im looking for.”

She loves men who are tall, dark and handsome and described Anthony Joshua as “a bit of me”.

The 25-year-old is not afraid to go for what she wants and explains her stance on girl code, which became a big issue on Love Island 2019.

“Any girl thats your friend and you know theyve been with someone, you dont go there.”

Nicknamed the “Eyebrow Queen” by her friends, Sinnise has vowed to do more things for herself and put herself first and it seems that entering Love Island is the first step towards achieving that goal.

Sinnise’s turn offs in a guy are arrogance and someone who is full of themselves.

What has happened to Siannise on Love Island so far?

Siannise was first coupled up with fan favourite Nas at the start.

It seemed the builder had some interest in getting to know her but she didn’t feel the same.

She was then drawn to Connagh, but as he chose to couple up with Rebecca she was back to square one.

However, it looks like her luck is changing as the Bristol beauty not only has one but two boys vying for her attention now.

Newbies Luke T and Wallace have both clearly said they’re interested in getting to know her.

Siannise went viral for her expression when Rebecca walked in

How can I follow Sinnise Fudge on social media?

Sinnise is on Instagram @siannisefudgewhere she posts glam snaps.

She doesn’t appear to have an active Twitter account.

When is Love Island on and how can I watch it?

The new winter series of Love Island started on Sunday, January 12, 2020on ITV2.

After the first episode, you can catch the programme at 9pm each night throughout the week.

It is the sixth season of the popular reality TV show and the first of two series to be aired in 2020.

Love Island usually airs every night with a recap on the weeks events on a Saturday.

For the 2020 winter edition, Love Island: Aftersun will air every Monday at 10pm after the main show has finished.

Both Love Island and Love Island: Aftersun will also be available to watch on demand on the ITV Hub.