Will and Jessie reveal two huge moments on Love Island that were cut from broadcast


LOVE Island’s Will Young and Jessie Wynter have revealed two huge moments were cut from the show.

The Love Island favourites were dumped from the villa just one day before the final and now they’re spilling the tea.

Jessie and Will have revealed two huge moments were cut from the show

The couple appeared on last night’s reunion show – with many questioning Will’s behaviour

In a new interview Jessie, 26, and Will, 23, told how Olivia Hawkins and Casey O’Gorman separately apologised for talking about other Islanders behind their backs – but only before the scenes were shown during Movie Night.

Will said: “Everyone knew Movie Night was happening and then [Olivia] told everyone, after the text. It was on that day.”

Speaking on On Demand Entertainment, Jessie added: “I feel like a lot of people did that, though.

“Casey did that to me. Casey came up to me and apologised just randomly about encouraging the guys [during Casa Amor].

“And I was like, ‘it’s like a week later, what the hell?'”

Will said: “It’s like everyone was just saying everything because Movie Night was coming up and then you could be like, ‘Oh, well I told you’.

“That’s not the same. It’s just because we got the text and we knew it was coming.”

It comes after fans were left questioning Will’s behaviour during Sunday night’s reunion show.

The farmer certainly did not let anyone steal his spotlight as he answered each question Maya Jama threw at him in an over-the-top manner.

It was a stark contrast to Jessie who was left barely able to speak as she insisted she had been having ‘too much fun’ outside the South African villa hence why her voice appeared to be croaky.

Fans of the reunion episode were all left saying the same thing as they questioned weather Will appeared to be drunk during his interview.

Writing on Twitter, one fan said: “Will has to be drunk.”

Another echoed: “Will is so drunk.”

A fellow viewer asked: “Is Will drunk?”

A third penned: “Will is erratic.”

As a fourth wrote: “Will’s OTT reaction/response to everything is so tedious.”