Are hairdressers and non-essential shops open in Tier 3 lockdown areas?


AS more areas across England are placed into tougher coronavirus restrictions, we explain whether hairdressers and non-essential shops can stay open.

The nation has been divided into a three-tier system with regions now being classed as either medium, high or very high risk.

Hairdressers are following Covid-secure guidelines including wearing face visors

Areas under Tier Three restrictions – which are deemed “very high risk” – face the toughest lockdown measures.

Tier Two areas are classed as “high” risk, while Tier One places are “medium” risk.

But what does it mean for hairdressers and non-essential shops in the strictest Tier Three areas? 

We explain the rules and how they affect businesses.

Which areas are under Tier Three lockdown restrictions?

Liverpool, Lancashire and Manchester are classed as “very high” risk Tier Three regions.

Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster and Barnsley will join the Tier Three rating from 00.01 on Saturday October 24.

Can hairdressers stay open in Tier Three areas?

Hairdressers don’t automatically need to shut as part of Tier Three lockdown rules – but they may be told to by local authorities.

This is because councils will work with the government to determine what restrictions should be enforced in their region.

This could include “closing personal care and close contact services” if they’re deemed to be contributing to coronavirus levels in the area.

In Wales, all hairdressers will close from 6pm tonight as the country goes into a “fire-break” lockdown for two weeks.

Northern Ireland has already shut hairdressers as part of a four-week lockdown, introduced last week.

In Scotland, hairdressers are currently open, although First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is expected to make a decision on a new tiered lockdown today.

It hasn’t been revealed which businesses will need to stay open, or which will shut, as part of the plans.

Can non-essential shops stay open in Tier Three areas?

Non-essential shops are allowed to stay open in Tier Three parts of England.

It was a different story when England was placed into a full-on lockdown in March this year, when only shops that were deemed essential could stay open.

In Wales, all non-essential shops will close from 6pm tonight.

But in Northern Ireland, retail shops haven’t been ordered to shut as part of its four-week lockdown – meaning stores can remain open.

Again, it’s unclear what measures Scotland will bring in as part of new tiered lockdown measures that are expected today.

What other businesses can stay open in Tier Three areas?

The following businesses and places will also stay open in Tier Three areas:

  • Supermarkets
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Colleges

Pubs and bars will close in the very high alert level areas unless they can operate as a restaurant.

We’ve also rounded up everything you need to know about travelling between Tiers One, Two and Three lockdown areas.

It comes as a 10pm pub curfew remains in place for pubs.

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