Asda shoppers fuming after customer ‘books 23 delivery slots’ and tries to flog them for £15 each


ASDA shoppers are furious after a customer claimed to have pre-booked 23 delivery slots in the run up to Christmas to flog them for £15 each.

A hustling shopper took to Facebook to announce they had bulk booked slots but didn’t “need them all”.

A shopper was fuming that a customer had hoarded delivery slots

After offering to sell the slots for £15 a pop, they wished everyone a “Merry Christmas”.

But a spokesperson from Asda said that it wasn’t possible for one shopper to book up that many delivery slots.

Even so, the move sparked anger among customers after supermarket delivery slots sold out within weeks of going live.

One furious shopper took to Twitter to out the ploy to Asda’s online customer service team.

One shopper said “vulnerable people” could miss out because of it
One customer couldn’t believe that another shopper would hoard delivery slots

“Hey @AsdaServiceTeam this can’t be allowed…?” he posted, before offering some advice to shoppers struggling to book supermarket delivery times.

“If you can’t get food slots/stuff delivered because of isolation/ k***s like this, there’s an amazing app called ‘Snappy Shopper’.

“They partner with local, smaller shops and can deliver stuff in 30 mins.”

Another shopper said she was “speechless” after the discovery.

She added: “No one should be able to bulk book that many slots.

“How many vulnerable people have missed out on a slot they genuinely need because of people like this?!”

An Asda spokesman said customers should only book slots through the official Asda website, especially as shoppers aren’t able to book multiple slots.

They told HOAR: “It isn’t possible for this customer to reserve this many delivery slots and we would always recommend that our customers only ever book delivery slots through”

Shoppers can only book one delivery slot at a time through their registered account.

They cost between £3 and £5.50 depending on the time slot and how far away you live from the store.

This year, thousands more households are relying on online shopping for Christmas, which is already a busy time of year, as they stay at home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

There has also been a shortage of slots in recent weeks for people who have been told to self-isolate over the festive period by NHS track and trace.

Others are desperately trying to get their hands on groceries for Christmas dinner after tough last minute Tier 4 restrictions cancelled plans to celebrate with family.

If you’re looking to do a shop instore over the festive season, then it’s best to check Asda’s store opening times beforehand by checking our list.

But you can also find out exactly when your local Asda is open by using the supermarket’s store locator.

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