Bargain home could be yours for just £23,000 – but getting inside and around it could be a challenge

2A Amos Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester M9 4WL, ,,

A BARGAIN home in Moston, Manchester has been put on the market for just £23k but prospective buyers are warned that it may not be easy to move around inside.

The property is the cheapest in the Manchester borough, where average home price is £174.5k but the listing makes clear that it is not ready to live in from day one.

The property is the cheapest available in the area

The house which contains the flat has not stairs by which homeowners can access their property

For one thing, the self-contained flat sits on the first floor of what used to be a semi-detached house, but the building has no stairs for owners to use to get to the door.

The run-down house comes with a bricked up door and boarded-up windows, meaning buyers have their work cut out.

The listing could be said to be an understatement when it says the property “requires refurbishment.”

It is being marketed by Auction House who will hold and online auction to sell it.

However, as even they can’t access the flat, agents say they can only ‘assume’ its current layout and condition.

The ad for the property said: “Not inspected by Auction House North West, however assumed to comprise a first floor maisonette/flat situated on the first floor of a former semi-detached house.

“The maisonette appears to be self-contained with a ground floor entrance to a hallway, with the stairs having been removed and the doorway on the first floor bricked up.

“The first floor has not been inspected however is assumed to require full refurbishment.”

Those keen on the flat can bid for it on 14 and 15 September.

Ahead of this, the auctioneer added: “Every effort has been made to confirm the accuracy of the lot details including any defect in the title both with the vendor and their solicitor. Auction House will not be held responsible for any failure to disclose any such defects.

“Any purchasers choosing to buy without viewing in person are doing so at their own risk and acknowledge that the auctioneer will not be held responsible for any issues that may arise due to them being unintentionally missed from the video or sales particulars.”

The door is also bricked up and the windows are blocked
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