Become a zutor thanks to the Zoom boom which made online teaching one of the fastest-growing markets


MILLIONS of kids got used to lessons on Zoom in lockdown – and online teachers are now one of the fastest-growing job markets.

Tutoring was once only affordable for privileged parents. But taking it online means tutors can teach multiple children at once, bringing down the cost and making it accessible for normal families.

Tutor Andrew Martin became a zutor after his contract ended during lockdown – he believes this new way of teaching will ‘continue to grow’

As a result, the demand for zutors — those who tutor via Zoom or similar video apps — is up 30 per cent this year. Experts estimate the UK’s tuition industry will soon be worth up to £5billion.

Zutors can teach children all over the world and reach kids who are shielding or unable to go to school.

They have flexible hours, no travel time, reduced work expenses and can pocket between £20 and £80 an hour.

Andrew Martin became a zutor after his contract as a teacher with a primary school ended during lockdown.

He now tutors children here and in China.

Andrew, 31, from Worcester, says: “As a qualified teacher, I have a lot to offer as a tutor.

“Used well, technology can grab the attention of pupils and really help to engage them in what they are learning. Zutoring is going to continue to grow.”

Richard Evans, of the Tutors’ Association and The Profs tutoring agency, adds: “Zutors are like personal trainers who show students how to teach themselves effectively so they can thrive in formal education — and long after they leave it.”

Not just for schoolkids, zutors coach countless courses, from yoga to cookery to car mechanics.

There are opportunities for anyone with professional qualifications who can provide lively and engaging lessons on-screen.

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TopCV’s Amanda Augustine gives interview advice in the context of Covid

TO mask or not to mask if you go for a job interview?

TopCV’s Amanda Augustine says: “The interview process is a long way from going back to pre-pandemic ‘business as usual’.”

Here, Amanda shares her advice on interview etiquette in the context of Covid.

  1. Ask about an initial virtual interview. If the position allows remote working, consider asking if a video or phone call is an option. An employer might want to meet in person before offering a job but that can often wait.
  2. Check their Covid policies. Ask which guidelines to follow if attending in person. If they don’t have a policy, do you still wish to attend? Are they a firm you want to work for?
  3. Wear a mask. If you don’t but your interviewer does, you will seem inconsiderate. If no one is when you arrive, you can decide whether or not to take off yours. And skip the handshakes. Warmly say something like: “I know we can’t shake hands right now but it’s really great to meet you.”
  4. Master the “smize”. With your mouth and nose covered, you will have to rely on other facial expressions to build rapport. Practise smiling with your eyes and pay attention to your tone of voice and body language to seem friendly.
  5. Interview the interviewer. Don’t be afraid to ask about company plans to maintain safety, health and wellbeing.


Take a chance at winning a share of £25,000 to build a start-up business with Bloom Gin

SEE your career blossom with Bloom Gin.

The master distiller with the all-women team is giving budding female entrepreneurs the chance to win a share of £25,000 to build a start-up business.

The firm’s own research shows 45 per cent of women have considered starting their own business. But 60 per cent of them did not have the funds to do so.

Bloom’s brand director Elaine Maher said: “We’re all looking forward to helping the next generation of female entrepreneurs to bloom.”

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Remember, you’ve got to be gin it to win it.


New campaign #WayToWork aims to get 200,000 youngsters back into employment

A NEW campaign aims to get 200,000 youngsters back into employment in our service industries post-pandemic.

Running alongside the Government’s Kickstart scheme, #WayToWork uses mobile recruitment platform Placed to upskill under-25s and connect them with suitable jobs.

More than 60 organisations across hospitality, retail, care and logistics have signed up. They include Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Iceland, Soho House, Lidl, Itsu and Polpo.

Jennifer Johansson, who founded the Placed app, said: “Young jobseekers need more than just access to placements. They also need the skills and confidence to excel in their roles.”

You can find out more at

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