Best and Worst Mobile Providers Ranked by Customer Satisfaction


Which? Reveals the Top Performers

Which? has released its latest research ranking mobile providers based on customer satisfaction, with a surprising supermarket brand outperforming the competition. The survey of 3,739 customers in January 2024 sheds light on the best and worst performers in the industry.

Small Providers Shine in Customer Satisfaction

Smaller mobile providers that piggyback on parent networks have emerged as top performers in customer satisfaction, according to Which?. These companies often avoid the unpredictable price hikes seen with larger providers, making them a better choice for consumers seeking reliable service and value for money.

Top and Bottom Rankings

While Three dropped to the bottom of the table with a score of 60%, smaller providers like iD Mobile and Tesco impressed with scores of 83% and 80% respectively. Vodafone, O2, and EE also received mixed ratings, highlighting the importance of value for money and network reliability in customer satisfaction.

Expert Advice on Switching Providers

Natalie Hitchins, head of home products and services at Which?, encourages dissatisfied customers to consider switching providers for better value and service. With many major providers resorting to mid-contract price hikes, Hitchins emphasizes the importance of transparency and fair pricing in the industry.

Full Breakdown of Which?'s Research

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