Best paid office jobs that you don’t need a degree for – and you could make up to £70k a year


THERE are plenty of well-paid office jobs that don’t need years of specialist training or higher education such as a degree.

Working in an office can offer a great culture with colleagues who become friends.   

Working in an office can be well-paid and you don’t need a degree

And since the pandemic more jobs are hybrid – offering a mix of working from home, as well as the office.

The best-paying office jobs that don’t require a degree all come with an average salaries above £27,000, according to data from job site Adzuna.

And in the most lucrative roles, you can take home a typical £70,000 a year.

James Neave, head of data science at Adzuna, said: More employers nowadays are recognising the value of skills which are either self-taught or learnt on the job, and they are willing to look beyond formal education qualifications when assessing candidates.

“Jobseekers without a degree should highlight their accomplishments throughout their career and the practical skills that are relevant to the job ad in their CVs.

“Consider emphasising industry certifications and job-related training as well.” 

Topping the list of  best paid office jobs is a scrum master, earning almost £70,000 a year on average, according to data from Adzuna.

A scrum master acts as a project manager for IT and tech development.

There are courses you can take to train to become a scrum master, but there’s no strict path into the job.

Some of the roles advertised on Adzuna pay up to £650 a day, making it a very lucrative career choice.

Second best paid are software developers who can expect a wage close to £60,000.

You can learn to code in as little as 15 weeks helping to develop software.

You also don’t need a degree to be a loan officer who helps decide lending for banks, and the average wage is £53,801.

Or if you if you enjoy organising parties being an event planner could be right up your street and you can expect to earn at least £37,000.

For some office jobs, such as being an accountant, you will need specialist training.

But in many cases, you can start as an apprentice on the job or through a training programme to earn while you learn.

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