Best supermarket pizza meal deals compared including Asda, Tesco and M&S


SUPERMARKETS including Asda, Co-op and Marks and Spencer all offer pizza meal deals to help shoppers get more food for less cash.

Some deals are available all year, where as others are just on offer for a limited time.

We have compared supermarket pizza deals to find the best value for money

But where do you get the most value for money?

We have compared the deals to help you choose.

Supermarkets regularly launch new meal deals to entice shoppers, so it’s worth keeping an eye when you next visit a store.

By snapping up the best money-saving deal at Asda, you can actually save almost £17 – but Co-op and Waitrose also offer deals than save shoppers nearly £10.

Below, we compare all the supermarket pizza deals currently on the shelves.


Asda’s deal includes two pizzas, a drink and a Sky Movies voucher or a Vue Cinema ticket for £6.

The pizzas are worth £3.50 each, the drinks usually cost up to £2.10 and the movie voucher is worth £5.49.

The Vue Cinema ticket is worth up to £12.99 at cinemas in London and £9.99 elsewhere.

It can be exchanged for a single use 2D admission ticket either at your local Vue cinema or online.

This means you can save up to a whopping £16.09 with the deal compared to if you’d bought the items individually.

While the pizza and drinks deal is also available online, you’ll only get the free Sky voucher if you shop in an Asda store.

You don’t need to be a Sky customer to get the offer.

You can claim through a dedicated website within seven days of your purchase.

Just make sure you hang onto your receipt as you’ll need to upload a photo to get your free film. You’ll also need to give Sky your name and a valid email address.

As it stands, the deal is set to end on Friday, September 30.


Co-op’s meal deal lets you fill up your freezer with five items for £6.

The offer is available at Co-op stores and online until September 20.

Items up for grabs include a Goodfella’s pizza and garlic bread, Birds Eye chicken nuggets, McCain Potato Wedges and Magnum Classics.

If you buy the items individually at Co-op, you’d have to fork out £15.05, based on its website prices, so you’ll save £9.05 with the deal.

Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer offers savvy shoppers a £12 meal deal with four items.

The offer includes two pizzas, which are £5.30 each, and two sides of your choice.

The price of sides ranges from £2.25 for deli style coleslaw to £4 for halloumi fries and sweet chilli sauce.

If you’d bought the items individually, you could pay up to £18.60 for the lot.

This is a total saving of £6.60 by buying them as part of the deal.

The offer is available in M&S stores all year round.


Tesco also offers £12 pizza meal deal in store and online – but it’s only for Clubcard customers.

The deal includes two Pizza Express pizzas, and two sides or deserts.

Each pizza from the Pizza Express range costs £5.50, while shoppers can pick up sides for £2.15 each, or a desert for £3.50.

This is a saving of £4.65 if you chose one side and one desert.

But the deal isn’t permanent, and Clubcard customers will only have until September 11 to redeem the offer.


Sainsbury’s meal deal lets shoppers choose two pizzas, two sides and one dip for £10.

The offer is available all year round from Sainsbury’s store and online for delivery.

One pizza will cost you £5 and starters cost £3 each.

Dips are priced at £80p.

Buying each item separately would cost £16.80.

This is a total saving of £6.80 by buying them as part of the deal.


Waitrose might not be known for its low prices, but its pizza deal helps shoppers to save nearly a tenner.

It includes two pizzas, two sides and a desert for £12.

One pizza costs £4.90, while sides start at £2 for a bag of salad and go up to £3.05 for vegetable fritters.

Deserts can set you back anywhere up to £4.60 for a New York cheescake with salted caramel.

This means you can save anywhere up to £8.05 by buying these items as part of the deal.

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