Best supermarket Valentine’s Day meal deals including M&S, Sainsbury’s and Tesco


ROSES are red, violets are blue… and here are the best Valentine’s supermarket meal deals for two.

From Marks and Spencer to Tesco, we’ve rounded-up all the romantic options for a cosy night in.

Aldi is selling steak with heart-shaped butter as part of its Valentine’s offer

Supermarket offers are likely to be popular this Valentine’s as restaurants remain closed around the country due to Covid restrictions. 

Meal deals from some grocers range from £15 to £20, with options including starters, main, sides, desserts, bottles of booze and chocolates.

But not all stores are doing set courses.

For example, some are doing “mix and match” Valentine’s deals where you only pay for the items you buy.

We’ve included all the major supermarkets apart from Lidl and Waitrose, as they’ve yet to release full details of their Valentine’s Day offers.

Aldi – £7.55 (cheapest combination)

  • Available: February 10 – until sold out
  • Mix and match

Aldi isn’t doing a set meal deal price for its Valentine’s Day offering, so you just pay for the items you want.

It means you don’t save any money, but you could end up spending less if you don’t want a lot of food.

As part of its Valentine’s Day selection, Aldi is selling heart-shaped garlic bread, beef wellington, steak and lamb shanks.

For dessert, choose from mini pancakes, profiteroles or white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake.

For those wanting three courses, plus a side, the absolute cheapest price is £7.55.

This is if you go for the £1.69 chicken wing starter, followed by vegan “no beef” bouguignon pies for the main, priced at £1.69 for an individual pie, so £3.38 for two.

Pair the above with 99p heart-shaped garlic bread as your side, and the £1.49 mini pancakes for pudding, and your total would come to £7.55.

Or for a meaty main, the price goes up to £7.66 if you choose the duck, which usually costs £3.49 for two portions.

Asda – £15

  • Available: February 4 to February 24
  • One starter, one main, two sides, one dessert plus one drink or chocolates
Asda is bringing back its £15 Valentine’s Day meal deal

Asda’s Valentine’s Day deal consists of one starter, one main, two sides, one dessert plus a bottle of booze or chocolates for £15.

Options for starters include runny Scotch eggs and tempura prawns, followed by lamb shanks, pork loins or steak for your main.

The maximum saving at Asda is £5 if you go for the most expensive booze.

Each starter, side and dessert cost £2.50 each, while each main is priced at £7 usually – so this part of the deal would cost £17 normally.

Add on the priciest bottle of booze, the £8 bottle of cava rose, and your bill would normally be £25.

The deal takes this combination down to £20, so a maximum saving of £5.