Big supermarket to close stores on Easter Sunday – when will your branch be open?

Swansea, UK: August 27, 2020: Asda Supermarket. Asda Stores Limited is an American-owned, British-founded supermarket retailer, headquartered in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

ANOTHER supermarket is set to close the vast majority of its branches on Easter Sunday.

Asda will pull down shutters on its England, Wales and Northern Ireland branches on April 9 while its Scotland shops will remain open.

Asda is closing the vast majority of its UK stores over Easter Sunday

Meanwhile, most stores will be open on April 7 and 8 between 7am and 10pm and 7am to 8pm on April 10.

Opening times will vary depending on the store so customers should use the store locator on Asda’s website to double check the opening hours for their local branch.

It’s normal for supermarkets to close larger stores over the Easter weekend.

Under government rules, any shops in England and Wales larger than 280 square metres have to close on Easter Sunday and Christmas Day.

But smaller convenience stores don’t have to.

Asda currently only operates two smaller “Express” stores in Tottenham Hale and Sutton Coldfield.

The Tottenham Hale branch will be open from 7am to 12am every day over the Easter bank holiday.

Meanwhile, the Sutton Coldfield store will open up from 6am to 11pm.

It comes as three other supermarkets already confirmed to HOAR what their opening hours will be over the Easter bank holiday.

Aldi is closing all its England and Wales stores on Easter Sunday.

The retailer said branches will be open between 8am and 10pm on Good Friday, 8am to 10pm on Easter Saturday and 8am to 8pm on Easter Monday.

Meanwhile, Sainsbury’s will pull down shutters on 600 big stores in England and Wales on Easter Sunday too.

Morrisons is closing all its England and Wales stores over Easter Sunday too.

All its stores will be open between 7am and 10pm on Good Friday, April 7, and 7am to 8pm on April 10, Easter Monday though.

Supermarkets closed their doors last Easter too, including Asda, which pulled down shutters on its stores on Easter Sunday.

It was joined by Morrisons, which closed all its branches across Easter Sunday.

On Easter Monday, the majority of its branches were open between 7am and 8pm. Some were open until 10pm.

Aldi pulled down shutters across its stores while stores remained open on Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Monday.

Meanwhile, Co-op closed its larger outlets on Easter Sunday while the smaller convenience stores were operating normal opening hours.

Tesco closed its larger stores on Easter Sunday and reopened them on Easter Monday, although opening hours varied from branch to branch.