B&M is selling a Kinder chocolate selection box and shoppers can’t wait to try it


B&M is selling a Kinder chocolate selection box for £5 – just in time for Easter.

The sweet selection contains treats like Kinder Bueno, Happy Hippos and Kinder Chocolate bars.

B&M is now selling this tasty-looking B&M chocolate selection

From the picture on the B&M website, it appears you get two Bueno bars, three Happy Hippos, one box of Kinder Chocolate bars and one bag of mini Kinder Chocolate bars.

We’ve asked B&M for more details – including if it’s available in all stores – and we’ll update this article when we know more.

But judging on what we can see, the contents of the box adds up to around £3.46 if you were to buy each product individually from B&M.

This is based on £1.29 for a pack of three Kinder Buenos – working out at 86p for two, £1 for a pack of five Happy Hippos – which would amount to 60p for three, and £1 each for the Kinder Chocolate bars and bag of miniatures.

Again, we don’t know for sure if this is the full selection of chocs that you get and we’re waiting for confirmation of the full list from B&M.

Shoppers are excited to get their hands on the Kinder selection

The product is listed on the B&M website, but it has gained attention after someone posted a picture of it on the Money Saver Online Facebook page.

The post, which also been liked almost 400 times, reads: “Who needs this NEW Kinder chocolate selection box that is JUST £5 at B&M?”

Chocolate lovers alike have since been replying in excitement.

One said: “Please grab me one if you see these before Easter.”

Another said: “Can you grab one for AJ for me?”

A third added: “We need a trip to B&M!”

A fourth said: “Need this for Luke.”

B&M sold a similar – but slightly bigger – box at Christmas time for £8.

This version also included a bag of Bueno minis and an extra Happy Hippo.

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