Byron Burgers to Close Another Branch, Leaving Diners Disappointed


Fast Food Chain Shutting Down Oxford Outlet

A major burger chain, Byron Burgers, is permanently closing one of its outlets today. The Oxford branch on George Street will shut its doors for good, following a series of closures by the fast food chain.

Diners Express Disappointment on Social Media

Customers have taken to social media to express their sadness over the closure. Many expressed their sympathy for the employees losing their jobs, while others shared their fond memories of dining at the restaurant.

Chain Faces Previous Closures and Job Losses

Byron Burgers faced a collapse of its business in January, resulting in the closure of nine branches and the loss of over 200 jobs. The chain was later sold to Tristar Foods, which saved 365 jobs by transferring ownership of 12 restaurants. However, since then, the chain has closed its Ipswich branch and plans to close another site in Norwich.

Struggles in the Hospitality Sector

Like many businesses in the hospitality sector, Byron Burgers has faced challenges in bouncing back after the pandemic. Rising energy bills and inflation have added to the difficulties. Other well-known retailers, such as Prezzo and TRG (owner of Frankie & Benny's, Chiquito, and Wagamama), have also announced closures due to similar issues.

Impact on Job Market

The closure of the Oxford branch will bring the total number of Byron Burgers locations down to just nine. With the hospitality sector still facing challenges, many jobs are at risk in the industry.

Other Restaurant Closures

Prezzo and TRG have also announced closures of multiple locations due to rising costs. Italian dining chain Prezzo plans to shut 46 restaurants, while TRG is set to close around 40 sites.

Despite the difficulties faced by the industry, some positive developments have taken place. TRG recently sold Frankie & Benny's and Chiquito to The Big Table group, and a major pizza chain has apologized to customers for the closure of one of its locations.

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