Canny shopper shares ‘clever’ hack to save cash when booking holidays and buying goods online


A CANNY shopper has shared his clever hack to save money when booking holidays and shopping online.

TikToker Brian who runs the account Frugal Spender, has explained how retailers can charge you more when you shop online and a way to get around it.

Brian has found a way to avoid getting charged more when shopping online

All you have to do is browse in incognito mode

In a clip shared on TikTok, the crafty shopper explains that shops use cookies while you are browsing online to get an idea of what you are likely to buy.

He said: “Here’s a hack I just learnt that could save you a ton of money when shopping online. Genuinely blew my mind.

“When you shop online you generate cookies that are tracked.

“I think we all kind of know it that by now. But did you know they are tracked to the extent, they know exactly how much the item you last looked at and in particular flights cost?

“So if you leave and then you come back to that same website, the price goes up.”

But he says there is a way around it and all you need to do is to ensure you are on incognito or private browsing when you shop.

“That way you ensure you’re getting the best deals,” he adds.

Brian’s followers praised him for the helpful hack and said they would try it straight away.

One said: “I hate it when they track you. MYOB. . I clicked on an email and browsing for a certain item, next minute an email came asking if I wanted to buy it.”

Someone wrote: “it is called dynamic pricing, it is actually used on a lot of sites. Best thing to do is clear cookies before going incognito.”

One added: “wow I thought this was an Urban Myth …blew my mind.”

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