Carpetright Customers Affected by Cyber Attack at Company HQ


What Happened?

Carpetright, a popular British flooring chain, fell victim to a cyber attack when mystery hackers sent malware to gain unauthorized access to the company's headquarters in Purfleet, Essex. As a result, hundreds of customer orders were disrupted, prompting staff to take their network offline on Tuesday.

Response and Impact

Phone lines remain down as the company works on a solution. Despite the attack, Carpetright assures that customer and staff data was not compromised. However, some internal networks, including portals for booking time off and accessing payslips, were affected.

Widespread Issue

This incident comes amidst a concerning trend, with a recent survey revealing that half of British businesses have experienced cyber attacks in the past year, marking a significant increase from previous years.

Company Statement

A Carpetright spokeswoman acknowledged the attack and expressed apologies for any inconvenience caused. The company is actively testing and resetting systems while investigations are ongoing to ensure data security.

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