Clarks will swap new kids shoes for a FREE pair until February if they grow out of them


CLARKS is giving parents a guarantee that their kids’ shoes will fit until next year.

The shoe shop has said that if you go in store and get a special fitting for your youngster, you won’t have to buy a new pair until February 28, 2021.

Parents can now return their kids’ school shoes to Clarks if they no longer fit – for free

If they end up outgrowing the shoes, Clarks will let you exchange them for free.

The deal applies to all full price back to school kids shoes, including school shoes, boots, plimsolls and sports shoes.

But there are some terms and conditions with the guarantee.

It applies to infant sizes 10 and above from the date of purchase to February 28 next year.

For infant sizes 7 to 9.5, Clarks says you can exchange them from the date of purchase to November 30 2020.

You have to buy them from a Clarks shop between July 13 and September 14 this year and the shoes must have been fitted by a trained Clarks fitter in store.

This means that shoes bought online from Clarks aren’t included in the deal.

Shoppers also need to show their receipt, bring the old shoes into the store and have a Clarks fitter agree that they no longer fit your kid.

You can only return the shoes before November 30 this year or February 28 next year, depending on the size of the shoe and can only get a pair of shoes that are the same price as the old pair.

For the rest of the details of the exchange policy, visit Clark’s website.

The deal was spotted by a mum who posted it on the Extreme Coupons and Home Bargains Facebook page.

She said: “I was toying with buying them early to avoid the rush the couple of weeks before school but worrying about getting them too early, but now I’ve booked to get them.”

The post proved popular with members of the group – with hundreds of people liking the post and thousands leaving comments,

Other shoppers said they thought the deal was brilliant and have booked in their slots to get their kids’ shoes fitted.

One mum, who tagged her friend in the post, wrote: “How good is this?” and her friend responded: “Amazing.”

To book your in store fitting, visit your local Clarks branch.

Kids shoe brand Treads meanwhile offers an “indestructible” guarantee for 12 months for its girls and boys’ school shoes.

It covers damage to the outsole of the shoe, the leather upper, straps and eyelets but not the laces or in-sock aren’t covered.

We’ve asked Treads if you can either get your money back or a new pair of shoes under the deal and will update this article when we hear back.

For full details of what the returns policy says, visit Treads’ website.

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