Cost of filling up rises by £2 in a month as petrol prices soar


THE cost of filling up on fuel at the pumps has shot up by £2 in a month.

The price has increased by 4p per litre as petrol retailers pass on the rising cost of crude oil — and add a “lockdown mark-up” on top of that, according to the AA.

The price of petrol has increased by 4p per litre

The average price of petrol at the end of this week was 119p a litre — up from 115p a month ago.

Diesel now typically costs 122p a litre, up from 119p last month.

The rises are linked to a $5 to $6-a-barrel jump in the price of oil in the run-up to Joe Biden’s inauguration as US President.

Yesterday crude oil stood at $55.10 a barrel.

Luke Bosdet, of the AA, said: “The ‘Biden bounce’ has fuelled speculation in the oil market and helped to add £2 to the cost of filling up since December.

“That hits key workers who prefer to drive rather than risk infection on public transport.

“But it’s not just them — there is two to three times more car travel now than in the first lockdown as other types of worker can go into the workplace.”

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