Couple Buys House Without Viewing, but a Sweet Addition Makes it Home


A couple who took a chance on a house they had never seen in person said that a furry addition made it feel like home. Emily and Hugh bought their Georgian property in London at an auction, but they were unable to view the interior due to Covid restrictions. After waiting nine months for the keys, they began the process of renovating the outdated interior. However, it wasn't until they added a cute brown spotty sausage dog to their family in February that they felt a true sense of hominess.

Buying Blind

Emily and Hugh purchased their London home without ever setting foot inside. Due to Covid restrictions, they could only view the property from the outside. Despite the uncertainty, they took a leap of faith and acquired the keys nine months later. Once they had access to the interior, they realized just how much work lay ahead of them.

A Furry Addition

In an adorable video shared on TikTok, Emily explained how their cute puppy helped them transform the house into a home. "We bought a house at auction without viewing inside," she said. "And because of Covid, we could only look at it from the outside… Nine months later, we finally got the keys. And we realized we had a lot of work to do. But we added a little puppy to the mix. And now it feels like home."

A Transformation Journey

Since purchasing the property, Emily, Hugh, and their furry friend have been hard at work renovating and updating every aspect of the home. Three years later, the house has undergone a complete transformation. To follow their renovation journey, you can visit their TikTok account @ourlistedlondonhome.

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