Craft beer sales soar as Brits go wild for tiramisu and peanut butter-flavoured ales


DRINKERS are going wild for weird and wonderful craft beers.

They have developed a taste for flavours such as peanut butter, tiramisu, coffee and marshmallow in their ales.

British drinkers are going wild for weird craft beers

The odd assortment — recently added to supermarket shelves — helped craft beer achieve almost double the sales growth of traditional ales, lagers and stouts in the UK.

Craft beer demand at Tesco is up 35 per cent on last year, with conventional ales up 20 per cent.

Tesco buyer Jack Hammersley said: “Lockdown and great weather made this the biggest year ever for craft beer sales in the UK.

“Nothing’s come close to the interest we’re seeing for unusual flavours.”

The odd assortment of ales has been added to supermarket shelves to help craft beers’ sales growth

Flavours vary from peanut butter, tiramisu, coffee and even marshmallow

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