Create a man cave or a space for Mum to relax on the cheap


ARE you getting cabin fever, stuck indoors?

If you and your nearest are getting on top of each other and craving some sanctuary then creating a personalised corner or two may help.

Create a man cave or another space to relax in on the cheap

Whether it’s a man cave or a space for Mum to relax, make your own space without spending loads . . . 

IT’S A SIGN: Your hideaway is incomplete without a statement sign to mark it. See — you can buy a wooden man-cave sign for £7.95, cheaper than similar at for £13.99.

Save: £6.04

TAKE A SEAT: Think about what kind you want — but bean bags are a great way to kick back. You can get a high-backed one, and matching footstool, for £39.99 at, down from £49.99 and with free delivery. If you fancy some-thing more luxurious, has an silver-grey velvet stool for £19.99 — perfect for your beauty corner, Mum.

Save: £10

LIGHT IT UP: has a range of fairy lights from as little as 25p. I really like the Moroccan Lights and they would create a bit of magic in any corner of the home. For something more out there, why not try a neon sign? has a fun lightning-bolt design for £8.99, far cheaper than a similar one that was being sold for £60 at

Save: £51.01

TOASTY WARM: Get nice and cosy in your space to make it more relaxing. I love the foot-warmer and massager at for £14 and it is far cheaper than similar at for £29.99. For a sweet but warming treat, stock up on Cocoba Hot Chocolate Bombes, £9.95 for three at — or one for £3.99.

SAVE: £15.99 on foot massager and £1.97 on chocs

Deal of the day

Save on an eight-pack of Strings & Things Cheestrings at Asda

SNAP up an eight-pack of Strings & Things Cheestrings for £1.37 at Asda. Usually £2.50.

SAVE: £1.13

Cheap treat

These hash brown waffles at Iceland are £1

YOU can now buy hash brown waffles at Iceland for just £1. That’s a tasty bargain for a breakfast upgrade.

Top swap

The Dolmio bolognese sauce costs £1.75
Swap it for Asda’s tomato sauce at just 52p

I LOVE a hearty spag bol. But instead of using a Dolmio sauce at £1.75 for a 500g jar, I swap for Asda’s sauce costing 52p.

SAVE: £1.23

Shop & save

ENJOY a tub of Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream for just £3 when bought with a Clubcard at Tesco. Usually costs £4.50.

SAVE: £1.50