Don’t bring out the Branston – save money with our pick of the best own brand pickles instead


IT might be the oldest on the market – but how does Branston Pickle compare to spicy competition from newer rivals?

The classic condiment celebrated its 100th anniversary this year, but it’s up against supermarkets that have launched their own versions of the tangy relish, with some half the cost.

HOAR’s Thea Jacobs put Branston Pickle to the test against supermarket own brand versions, some of which are half the cost

Thea Jacobs puts the century-old recipe to the test with the young pretenders.

She gives her verdict on which is best with a Cheddar cheese sandwich and marks them out of five.

Branston Pickle: Sainsbury’s, £1.60 (360g)

Branston Pickle has been around since 1922 but it might be a little too chunky for tastebuds 100 years on

IT’S not hard to see why this recipe has been around for 100 years.

When paired with mature Cheddar it packs a tangy punch.

My only criticism is that the pieces of pickled fruit are a little large.

Perhaps chunky food was a hit in 1922, but I’m looking for something a little smoother.

Rating: 4

Sweet Pickle: Sainsbury’s, 80p (295g)

Sweet Pickle by Sainsbury’s is definitely sweet but it doesn’t really pair well with cheese

SIMILAR consistency to Branston’s original, with larger chunks of veg.

As the name suggests, this is rather sweet and, to be honest, doesn’t really pair well with cheese at all.

It’s all one note – which is sickly.

It’s a pale imitation of the historic sandwich filling and even the admittedly low price wouldn’t tempt me to swap.

Rating: 2

Bramwells Sweet Pickle: Aldi, 89p (390g)

Bramwells Sweet Pickle taste like it’s just vinegar being mainlined into your sandwich and stomach

SCOOPING this one out of the jar, I’m disappointed to see a stodgy brown mess with unidentifiable lumps.

It doesn’t taste much better.

Forget sweet or tangy, this is just vinegar being mainlined into your sandwich and stomach.

Misses the balance of flavours you want for a tasty lunch.

Rating: 1

Sandwich Pickle: Morrisons, 99p (300g)

Morrisons’ Sandwich Pickle moves from sweet to tangy and pairs perfectly with cheese

MORRISONS’ has opted for the tiniest chunks and this includes plenty of carrots, judging from the millions of orange specks.

Tastes great and there are no annoying large bits to chew through.

It moves from sweet to tangy and pairs perfectly with the cheese.

Cheaper than the original and should be a cupboard staple.

Rating: 5

Ploughman’s Chutney: M&S, £1.30 (305g)

M&S Ploughman’s Chutney tastes and smells of nothing but garlic

IT’S on the pricier side and stinks of garlic and onions rather than the signature vinegary smell of pickles.

All this tastes like is garlic – without reading the ingredients I wouldn’t know there was anything else in it.

Garlic and cheese isn’t a great combination in my book, so for the price, I’m disappointed.

Rating: 2

Batts Sweet Pickle: Lidl, 79p (390g)

Batts Sweet Pickle is pretty close to Branston’s and is a bargain at the price

LABEL should say tangy pickle, not sweet, as the tartness of the vinegar is the main flavour.

But it actually works quite well with a creamy mature Cheddar.

The chunks are doing their best to imitate the size of the ones in Branston’s.

All in all, it’s pretty close to the real deal and a bargain at the price.

Rating: 4

Sandwich Pickle: Tesco, 90p (295g)

Tesco’s Sandwich Pickle could be the perfect option for fussy eaters who like things nice and bland

LOOKS a little like a jam and doesn’t smell of much.

It is easily over-powered by the cheese, and if it wasn’t for the colour, I wouldn’t know it was in my sarnie.

It’s not offensive, but it doesn’t add anything either.

Could be the perfect option for fussy eaters who like things nice and bland.

Rating: 3