Euromillions – £191Million jackpot rolls over AGAIN with whopping cash prize up for grabs on Tuesday

Paris, France - November 21, 2019 : Closeup of aperson filling a lotto grid , Euromillions, from the society FDJ (La francaise des jeux)

NOBODY has scooped the £191million EuroMillions lottery jackpot, which means you could still be the biggest winner ever.

The whopping sum will now be up for grabs on Tuesday when punters will have another chance to trouser the lifechanging amount.

Nobody scooped the jackpot on Friday

The EuroMillions pot has now hit its cap meaning that any money that would have gone into the winnings will now boost prizes in the next winning tier and could see many multi-millionaires created

Andy Carter, Professional Winnings Advisor at The National Lottery, said Tuesday’s draw will be “massive”.

He said: “Here’s hoping that we’ll be celebrating a record-breaking UK winner alongside record-breaking summer temperatures.”

“Think of all the good that a win of this size could do.

“Players should get their tickets early to be in with a chance of winning in this amazing draw.”

The sensational amount will up for grabs again after nobody won on Friday – but even players who falls short of the five main numbers and two lucky stars can still come away laughing.

The jackpot has hit the maximum of €230 million, or around £191 million – so can’t climb any higher and must be won, according to the National Lottery website.

At the moment, the country’s biggest winners are Joe and Jess Thwaite.

The Gloucestershire couple were handed a record-breaking £184m jackpot back in May.

Despite their astonishing new wealth, one of their first purchases was a second-hand Volvo.

The second-biggest win was awarded to an anonymous ticket-holder who claimed £170m in 2019.

Colin and Chris Weir from Largs, North Ayrshire, won £161m in 2011, while Adrian and Gillian Bayford claimed just over £148m in 2012.

A ticket-holder from French Polynesia claimed £184m – just like the Thwaites – in October last year.

The young woman said: “I want to explore the world with my family, especially looking for snow, because I’ve never seen that before.”

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