Expert Vet Answers Your Pet Questions


How to Keep Your Cat Away from the Christmas Tree

A reader asks for advice on how to stop their cat from attacking and climbing the Christmas tree. The vet suggests closing the doors to the room with the tree, securing the tree to something else, and redirecting the cat's attention to a new climbing frame. Other tips include using citrus peelings or sticky tape around the base of the tree.

Concerns About a Corn Snake's Eating Habits

A pet owner is worried about their corn snake's lack of appetite. The vet asks about the snake's enclosure, specifically if it has temperature control and full-spectrum UV lighting. The vet explains that the snake's appetite may decrease due to external environmental cues, such as darker evenings and lower temperatures. If the snake refuses all food, a vet check is recommended.

Dealing with a Territorial Boxer

A dog owner seeks advice on their boxer's sudden territorial behavior. The vet suggests that the dog may have been spooked by a passerby and learned that barking can make intruders leave. The vet jokes that boxers may not be the brightest dogs. No specific advice is given for the doorbell issue.

Understanding Rabbit Breeding and Spaying

A rabbit owner asks about the necessity of spaying their female rabbits. The vet explains that rabbits breed quickly and recommends spaying the females to prevent health issues and frustration. The vet also suggests castrating the males for better social interaction and behavioral enrichment.

Heartwarming Story of a Supportive Pet

A Maltese named Molly has provided comfort and support to her owner during treatment for a life-threatening illness. The owner praises Molly's ability to cheer her up and provide comforting cuddles. Molly is credited with saving her owner from a dark place.

A Guide to Communicating with Pets on Holiday

As more people book home-exchange holidays that involve taking care of pets, a home-swap company has created a phrasebook to help communicate with pets in different languages. The book includes phrases such as "Would you like a tummy rub?" and "Let's go walkies." The goal is to address language barriers and create meaningful bonding with pets in foreign countries.

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