Fire risk mistake that could cost you £100s when cleaning radiators


Watch out for this common cleaning mistake

When cleaning your radiators, be cautious of using anti-bacterial products like aerosols and sprays, as they can pose a fire risk if the radiator is already on. Heating technology expert Jess Steele warns that these products can react to heat and potentially explode, costing you hundreds in repairs.

Expert tips for safe and effective radiator cleaning

To avoid any dangers, experts recommend using a hairdryer and towel to remove dust build-up on your radiators. For convector radiators, a brush can help clean in between the fins. Avoid using abrasive materials like Brillo pads that can damage the surface or remove paint.

Save money on energy bills with simple changes

During the summer, cut down on cooling costs by using fans for fewer hours or opting for a low-cost cooling mat. Consider ditching the tumble dryer for a washing line to save on energy usage. Limiting shower time can also lead to significant savings – one family saved nearly £600 a year by reducing shower times to four minutes.

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