Five ways to slash your lunch costs with our top tips

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GRAB ‘n’ go lunches are no longer such a tasty prospect.

Most of our major supermarkets have been forced to increase the price of their meal deals, with a sarnie, snack and drink combo reaching £4.19 in London.

Grab ‘n’ go lunches are no longer such a tasty prospect

But you can slice your spending with our top tips.

BACK TO BASICS: Simple lunches such as a salad can be the key to saving.

Alternatively, at Asda, pick up a loaf of bread (80p), pack of ham (£1.50), six-pack of Disco crisps (£1.25) and four-pack of apples (65p), which you can cut into daily portions.

You can make a week of lunches for £4.20 — almost the cost of one London meal deal.

BATCH OF THE DAY: Planning meals is always a good way to save.

If you are in a rush, cook a huge batch of pasta while making dinner and use it as lunch for the rest of the week.

Head to Aldi for the Everyday Essentials penne, 32p for 500g; garlic, 79p; grated cheddar, £1.99 for 250g; and a tin of tomatoes, 38p.

Follow the easy tomato sauce recipe at and sprinkle with cheese.

That should give you enough for four lunches.

STICKER SAVING: Always check out the large platters of sandwiches if picking up your lunch in a big supermarket.

They are designed for meetings or parties but are often overlooked, so end up reduced.

Several savvy social media users have posted about finding these.

HALF THE PRICE: Cut the price by ordering kids’ meals.

A TikTok user from London revealed she ordered the Nando’s kids meal and managed to get a drink, chicken and fries plus ice cream for just £6 — nearly half the price of the adult meal and the portions were only marginally smaller.

MEAL DEAL STEAL: If you have to grab on the go, look for the highest priced items in a meal deal, to ensure you are getting best value.

Always pick up the Naked juice, usually £2.60 — or at Boots, you can choose a bag of Babybels as your meal deal snack, which will last longer than one chocolate bar.

  • All prices on page correct at time of going to press. Deals and offers subject to availability

Deal of the day

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GET ready for a night out in front of the Karina Bailey Hollywood dressing table, reduced from £100 to £80 at B&M.

SAVE: £20

Cheap treat

Butterkist toffee popcorn is now £1.25 at Morrisons

A MOVIE night isn’t the same without a bowl of Butterkist toffee popcorn – was £1.50 a bag, now £1.25 at Morrisons.

SAVE: 25p

Top swap

Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter is £36 at

But E.l.f’s Halo Glow liquid filter is £14 at Boots

SHINE bright with Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter, £36, or try E.l.f’s Halo Glow liquid filter, £14, Boots.

SAVE: £22

Shop and save

Save £1 on these handy 1L storage tubs at Asda

MAKE food last longer with these handy 1L storage tubs – Asda are selling them for £2 instead of £3.

SAVE: £1

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