From Asda to Aldi, we taste test high street hot cross burns ahead of Easter


NOVELTY hot cross buns are being served up with odd toppings – and high levels of sugar and salt.

Adults should have no more than seven teaspoons of sugar per day and kids five.

Novelty hot cross buns are selling like hotcakes – but did you know many contain high levels of sugar and salt?

We found one treat with nearly four spoons PER BUN.

Ben Griffiths checks out what you will find on the high street.

Marks & Spencer Marmite Cheese

M&S’s Marmite buns have the least sugar but the most salt

Calories: 187

Sugar: 1.7g = 0.4 tsp

Salt: 0.83g

Price: 4-pack £1.65

Asda Extra Special Belgian Chocolate

Asda’s chocolate offerings are good value for money, as they’re down to £1

Calories: 231

Sugar: 9.9g = 2.4 tsp

Salt: 0.36g

Price: 4-pack £1.25, down to £1

Tesco Salted Caramel & Chocolate Chip

For the best value head to Tesco as four hot cross buns are just 80p

Calories: 201

Sugar: 8g = 1.9 tsp

Salt: 0.5g

Price: 4-pack 80p

Asda Tomato & Red Leicester

Asda’s savoury offerings scored well on sugar and salt

Calories: 196

Sugar: 3.9g = 0.92 tsp

Salt: 0.54g

Price: 4-pack £1.25, down to £1

Waitrose Chocolate and Orange

Waitrose’s chocolate and orange buns might be delicious, but the calorie contents were on the higher side

Calories: 217

Sugar: 9.1g = 2.2 tsp

Salt: 0.46g

Price: 4-pack £1.50

M&S Extremely Chocolately

The extremely chocolatey buns from M&S came out on top when it came to taste

Calories: 214

Sugar: 12.2g = 2.9 tsp

Salt: 0.35g

Price: 4-pack £1.65

Waitrose Toffee

A pack of Waitrose’s toffee buns was one of our more expensive picks

Calories: 206

Sugar: 11.8g = 2.8 tsp

Salt: 0.55g

Price: 4-pack £1.50

Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Strawberries and Cream

While Sainsbury’s strawberries and cream treats don’t have much sugar, they do have the worst taste

Calories: 200

Sugar: 10g = 2.4 tsp

Salt: 0.22g

Price: 4-pack £1.25

Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Chocolate & Salted Caramel

Chocolate and salted caramel buns from Sainsbury’s contain 222 calories

Calories: 222

Sugar: 11.8g = 2.8 tsp

Salt: 0.54g

Price: 4-pack £1.25

Tesco Finest Strawberry & Belgian White Chocolate

Tesco’s strawberry and white chocolate hot cross buns contain 1.7 tsp of sugar, which was on the lower side

Calories: 196

Sugar: 7.1g = 1.7 tsp

Salt: 0.3g

Price: 4-pack £1.50

Waitrose Heston Mocha Coffee

Waitrose’s mocha buns shockingly contain the equivalent of four spoons of sugar PER BUN

Calories: 263

Sugar: 16.2g = 3.9 tsp

Salt: 0.4g

Price: 2-pack £1.50

Asda Extra Special Apple & Cinnamon

Asda’s apple and cinnamon treats are down to just £1

Calories: 172

Sugar: 12g = 2.9 tsp

Salt: 0.31g

Price: 4-pack £1.25, down to £1

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