From cracked hands to frizzy hair – these cheap and cheerful winter hacks will give you back your glow in no time


FEELING a little less than perfect right now?

From cracked hands to frizzy hair, the colder weather can pose a range of challenges.

From cracked hands to frizzy hair the colder weather can pose a range of challenges — here are our best winter hacks

But if you don’t want to spend more on toiletries, I know plenty of ways to tackle these snags at home.

These cheap-and-cheerful kitchen cupboard hacks will give you back your glow in no time . . . 

Chapped lips: Rehydrate sore, dry lips on the cheap, by rubbing a slice of cucumber over them for ten minutes.

If you have green tea bags, chill one in the fridge then use it in the same way for five minutes.

You’ll save on Vaseline, 95p at Superdrug. For flaky lips, whip up an at-home exfoliator by mixing some honey with sugar.

SAVE: 95p on Vaseline

Red nose: Got a cold? After blowing your nose, dampen a tissue and wipe along your nostrils to prevent them drying out.

An at-home sauna is a nice option but Argos’s Visiq Facial Sauna costs £19.99. Instead, fill a large bowl with boiling water, put a towel over your head and place your face 5in to 10in away from the steam.

SAVE: £19.99 on a facial sauna

Winter frizz: We’ve all been there. Cold, damp weather can leave our hair looking frazzled.

But a weekly mask can really reduce static.

I love products such as Garnier’s £6.99 Ultimate Blends mask.

But you don’t need to splash out. Instead, purée a banana with olive oil or honey, then work it into your hair and cover with a plastic shower cap.

Boots sells a three-pack for £1.75.

Leave the oil mix in for 20 minutes to get sleek, shiny results.

SAVE: £5.24 on a hair mask

Cracking skin: Even Boots’ cheapest hand cream is £1, but milk has anti-inflammatory properties, so try soaking a flannel in it and applying it to your hands.

Just be careful with sensitive skin, as the lactic acid might sting.

Cream or butter should also work.

SAVE: £1 on hand cream

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