Get a career lift-off with a job in fastest growing sector of logistics

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DO you shop online, post parcels or buy from your local supermarket or high street stores?

Then you’re helping to make logistics the nation’s fastest-growing business area.

Employment in the sector has doubled since 2012, and has accelerated further since 2020, adding 190,000 jobs

Employment in the sector has doubled since 2012, and has accelerated further since 2020, adding 190,000 jobs. Its growth is so fast that logistics is set to outgrow the UK’s largest employer, NHS England, next year.

Four in ten new logistics jobs have been created in areas designated ‘high priority’ by the Government’s levelling-up plan, with roles half as likely as other jobs to be based in London.

Now a new report from Frontier Economics and Logistics UK reveals that logistics jobs boost local economies too, with every 1,500 employees supporting a further 1,000 jobs in the local community.

But despite the sector providing job security and a quick route into management, with two thirds of managers without university degrees, there is still a shortfall, with almost 60,000 vacancies. Jobs ranging from drivers and warehouse staff to logistics analysts and managers are available nationwide.

Amazon is one of the UK’s biggest logistics employers and has announced 4,000 new jobs.

Bobby Clements joined the company in 2014 as a seasonal temp sorting parcels and has since risen to be Delivery Station Manager for the firm’s depot in Barking, East London, leading a team of 50.

Bobby, 28, said: “Working at Amazon is never boring. Employees are given so many opportunities to continue learning. I always tell people to take advantage of the open doors and get stuck in, because the more people you know, the more you know and the more help you can give.”

Phil Roe, President of Logistics UK, said: “The industry is vital to the UK. It plays an essential role, ensuring that the goods and services the nation needs are delivered.”

Bobby Clements, who joined the company in 2014, says ‘Working at Amazon is never boring’

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NEW rules mean work sick notes – officially “Fit Notes” – can now be issued by nurses, occupational therapists, pharmacists and physiotherapists as well as your GP.

But the change in the law has seen a 75 per cent rise in employer queries.

Gill McAteer, director of employment law at Citation, explains the changes to work sick notes

Here Gill McAteer, director of employment law at Citation, explains the changes. She said: “Some employers are now concerned that these new changes will result in the inappropriate issue of fit notes to employees.”

  • LOOK AT THE POSITIVES: The new rules now make it easier for employees to obtain a fit note. This means they could be back in work much quicker – rather than waiting for a GP appointment.
  • BETTER MANAGEMENT: It’s very common for ongoing care to be managed by health professionals other than GPs and they are often better placed to provide advice which may assist in getting the employee back into work.
  • HELP WITH PLANNING: Employers will also get a quicker response on how long the member of staff is likely to be off, meaning more time to plan for the absence.
  • NO NEED FOR SECOND OPINION: Some employers may want to obtain their own medical advice on their employees’ health, however this would need the employees’ consent and would come at a cost.
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THE recent unprecedented heatwave has seen demand for solar industry jobs heat up too.

The sector hopes to triple power output over the next ten years, creating thousands of new vacancies.

Roles in the eco-energy sector range from solar panel installers and engineers to environmental planners and project developers, with an industry average salary of £42,000. Find jobs at

Meanwhile trade body Solar Energy UK has vacancies for summer internships.

Solar Energy UK Chief Executive Chris Hewett said: “The industry has come of age and it’s an exciting time. The opportunities are almost limitless.”

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