Go light on your sweet treats and bank account with these blanc Easter bargains


EASTER week is always choc-full of treats to choose from.

But what if, like me, you prefer your chocolate white over milk or dark? Go light on your sweet treats — and purse — with these blanc bargains . . . 

Go light on your sweet treats and bank account with these blanc Easter bargains

SHOWSTOPPER: For some-thing a little special, check out Aldi for an ultimate white chocolate fix. The Specially Selected exquisite blonde chocolate beehive egg, £14.99 (in store only), not only looks amazing, it has sweet honeycomb pieces mixed throughout the shell, too.

For little extras, Aldi also has very purse-friendly Dairyfine white hot-chocolate mug melts, in the shape of sheep, for just £1.99.

THICK OF IT: Many Easter eggs won’t satisfy that need for a chunkier shell. Thankfully, Marks and Spencer has an amazing extra-thick blonde & white chocolate egg for £12 — and it’s extra large in size, too.

Similarly thick-shelled eggs cost £29 from Hotel Chocolat, but they’re smaller in size and weight (though they do come with extra chocolates).


DON’T SHELL OUT: If you have an extra sweet tooth and are a fan of flavoured shells, check out the pudding-inspired white chocolate Eton mess deluxe premium Easter egg, £3.99 at Lidl.

It weighs 200g, so works out as much more bang for your buck than a small 90g chocolate block of the same flavour, £3.50 at Thorntons.

GO LARGE: Tesco has a great range of XL eggs — and Clubcard shoppers can nab some fantastic deals.

The Maltesers white truffles chocolate egg is right up my street. It costs £8 with a Clubcard, rather than £10.

If you would like a chocolate bar too, included in the same deal is an XL white Twix egg, £3.95, instead of £5.

SAVING: £2 on Maltesers egg

Deal of day

The Co-Op’s new £6 pizza deal is perfect

THE Co-Op’s new £6 pizza deal is perfect. Buy a pizza, a side and a dessert all for just £6. I’d go for the stuffed-crust pepperoni pizza, a dozen garlic doughballs and Gu Inspirations Cookies & Cream pud.

SAVE: Average of £4

Cheap treat

Chocolate Orange Yazoo is in stores now

CHOCOLATE Orange Yazoo is in stores now. The 500ml limited-edition milk drink bottles are just £1 a pop.

Top swap

The Tower electric grill is great but it’s £51

HERE’S a sizzling saving. The Tower electric grill, above, is great but it’s £51 at ao.com. For a more budget-friendly option, buy the Ambiano electric grill, below, from aldi.co.uk for £34.99.

SAVE: £16.01

Buy the Ambiano electric grill for £34.99

Shop & save

A pack of four apple & mango J2Os is on offer for £2

A PACK of four apple & mango J2Os is on offer for £2, reduced from £3.50 at Asda. That’s a refreshing treat.

SAVE: £1.50