I almost ignored £90,000 winning lottery email because I thought it was a scam – winning feels incredible

Filling in UK lottery ticket

A WOMAN believed an email telling her she had won the lottery was a scam and almost missed out on a jackpot worth £90,000.

The 47-year-old Michigan woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, thought it was impossible that she had won.

‘I never thought I would win’ said the lucky lady who bagged the monthly jackpot

The 47-year-old woman nearly missed out after believing it was a hoax

The woman thought the email informing her of her £90,000 ($110,689) winnings was fake, she told Michigan Lottery.

“I knew that by playing the Monthly Jackpot game online, I was earning entries into a second chance giveaway”, said the lucky lady.

“I never thought I would win the second chance drawing, so I was just hoping for an instant win while playing the games.”

After receiving the email, she was so sure it couldn’t be true that she left it until the next day to do anything about it.

Then, to her utter surprise, the lottery called her up to confirm her prize.

“I was so excited! Winning is such an unbelievable feeling,” she said.

The Michigan woman hopes to use her new earnings to make some home improvements.

Elsewhere in the US, a hungry man recently headed out for some fried chicken and came home with £615,000.

The lucky Maryland man won the lottery, whilst playing on a whim during his late night chicken run.

He plans to use the money to go hiking and buy himself and his son a house.

Some less sensible lottery winners include a British man who took home £10million from the National Lottery, but lost it all to his ex-wife and local football team.

Or the tragic case of a lotto winner who once raked in a £100,000 jackpot but now fits windows alongside stealing trainers.

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