I found a hat worth £350 in charity shop & now I’m selling it on for huge profit… here’s how to spot unwanted treasure


A SAVVY shopper was left open-mouthed when he got his hands on a hat worth £350 in a charity shop.

Max Montfoli took to TikTok to reveal the lucrative discovery to his followers.

A shopper unearthed an Ermenegildo Zegna cap at a charity shop in Notting Hill

The influencer was shocked to discover it was selling for £60

Max called the hat an ‘insane charity shop find’

Under the caption “what an insane charity shop find”, the influencer unearths a black cap by Italian luxury fashion house Ermenegildo Zegna.

Upon entering the Oxfam store in affluent Notting Hill, Max is shocked when he takes a closer look.

He said: “I was quite intrigued about the price of this so I wanted to take a look.

“It all looked very authentic to me and the price was marked as £60, which wasn’t too bad.”

After nabbing the cap, the TikToker hopped on to online marketplace StockX – which confirmed it last sold for an eye-watering £356.

After posting it on Vinted for £350 – Max is set to rake in a cool profit.

Viewers were shocked that a baseball hat cost that much.

One commented: “Only a dumb person would pay such a price for a hat.”

Another agreed: “For a poxy baseball cap?!

“Take the logo off and it’s worth £1.50!”

A third quipped: “Notting Hill Oxfam for sure.”

It comes after Fabulous spoke to charity shop worker and second-hand shopper Nina Mendoza to give us her top tips on how to spot treasure in a charity shop.

Although charity shops have a never-ending cycle of items to put out, Monday afternoons could be the prime time to hit the jackpot.

The charity shop worker explains that most charity shops don’t have the time to put out new items over the weekend so tend to do so during the day on Monday – which means there are a bunch of new items on the shop floor.

“Monday is a good day, you know, but afternoons are probably better than mornings as we’ve had time to restock after the weekend,” she explains.

Just like other retailers, charity shops often slash the prices when a new season is starting to make room for different stock.

Nina says it’s always worth asking staff when this will be as they will often tell you as they want to clear stock.

“They’ll tell you when there will always be the best sale because they want to get rid of it in the shop,” she explains.

The next end-of-season sale usually starts around July to make way for winter clothing to come in store – so make sure to ask next time you pop in.

And while you might feel like you have to stick to the women’s section of the store, Nina explains some of the best bargains are hidden elsewhere.

She reveals she found a Tommy Hilfiger top (that does indeed fit women) in the child’s section for just £4.

And like most shops, the children’s section is usually way cheaper so it’s always worth having a look.

If you’re after basics like blazers, jumpers, shirts, or jeans – then the men’s section is definitely worth having a nosey in.

Nina says: “I go to the men’s section before I go to the women’s section because I you know, prefer that look.

“I also find that men’s stuff is cheaper. I don’t know why that is. I believe that’s probably because they don’t spend like women would spend.”

On top of that, Nina recommended always checking the clothing size on the actual label rather than the coat hanger.

Nina’s final tip on bagging the best bargains is to make friends with your favourite shop’s volunteers and staff.

She says: “The friendlier you are to the staff, the more help you can get.

“You can always go to a manager and say, you know, I know it’s difficult to find but I really like a certain brand. If you are a good customer, they might keep it for you.”

It comes after one nifty shopper was left open-mouthed when she got her hands on a £1 charity shop buy that would usually set her back around £300.

Elswhere, a charity shop fan has revealed exactly where to go to nab the best deals in the UK, and she even got a £300 top for £15.