I moved house and ditched broadband provider but I’m still being billed by the old one

D40KF8 TalkTalk broadband wireless router. Image shot 2013. Exact date unknown.

WHEN I moved house last year I asked TalkTalk to switch my broadband to my new address, but it didn’t work.

I moved to a new provider but TalkTalk still sent me a bill for £83. Can you help? Irene Russell, Wolverhampton

Sun Money’s Lucy Alderson helps a reader out with her broadband predicament

You were tearing your hair out when a simple broadband switch didn’t go to plan.

In September, you asked TalkTalk if your broadband service could be swapped over to your new home.

But when you moved in and tried to get your internet fired up, it wasn’t working.

The switch hadn’t worked properly, and you were left offline.

You and your husband are in your mid-70s and confess you are not computer literate, so struggled to figure out how to get hold of TalkTalk to solve the issue.

You ended up sending six letters in the post complaining about the service.

After two weeks of trying to get the problem fixed, you decided to move to Sky.

You sent TalkTalk a letter explaining this and cancelled your direct debit.

TalkTalk still continued to charge you for the following three months and in total you paid almost £83.

TalkTalk told me that it did try to contact you over email and phone about the issue, but couldn’t get through.

You said there were no missed calls on your mobile.

It seems there had been a communication breakdown, but TalkTalk has provided you with a full refund, and a spokesman said: “We’re sorry to hear about Irene’s experience.”

Always contact your provider before cancelling your contract or stopping your direct debit.

Keep a record of when, and how, you tried to contact your provider if you’re struggling to get a response.

If you’re still having issues after eight weeks, contact the communications ombudsman, who can help resolve your case.

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