I tried top brand Easter eggs – the winner is an iconic chocolate and cracking value


SUPERMARKET shelves are filled top to bottom with Easter eggs of all shapes and sizes as the special day approaches.

Many of us have our go-to chocolate brands and can’t wait for the Easter bunny to deliver one of our favourite eggs.

Lynsey’s winning egg delivered on price and taste

But which stand up in a taste test and which offer best value for money?

Lynsey Hope, 41, from West Malling, Kent, tried out eggs from these top-selling chocolate brands.

Here, she reveals her favourites:

Kit Kat Chunky Egg

Kit Kat’s egg comes with Chunky choc bars

  • £3
  • 230g
  • £1.30 per 100g

Made by Nestle, this egg is great value costing only £1.30 per 100g of chocolate.

The egg was nice – not my favourite but nothing much to complain about. If I’m being picky perhaps it was a little thin.

As you get two full size Kit Kat Chunky bars – worth about 65p each – with this, the egg itself costs you £1.70. In my opinion, the chunky bars were the tastiest thing in the box.

  • TASTE: 8/10
  • VALUE: 6/10

Bounty Easter Egg

Bounty fans will be delighted with this Easter treat

  • £3
  • 235.5g
  • £1.27 per 100g

Bounty’s were taken out of Celebrations tins after maker Mars Wrigley found many customers were not fans.

But coconut choc lovers are being treated this Easter, and this egg is excellent value for money.

You get more chocolate in this box than you do with Cadbury’s, Green and Blacks and Nestle’s Kit Kat egg.

The Mars chocolate is yummy even if you don’t like a Bounty but there are three mini bars in with it, which I liked more than I remember.

I was pleasantly surprised by this.

  • TASTE: 9/10
  • VALUE: 9/10

Green & Blacks Organic Dark Chocolate Egg

Green & Blacks fans will likely appreciate the taste

  • £4
  • 165g
  • £2.42 per 100g

There’s nothing in the box other than the egg and you are paying quite a bit for this fancy, organic, dark chocolate egg.

It’s not my favourite, I find the chocolate quite bitter and can only have a smidge, but if you are a fan of Green & Blacks, don’t let me stop you.

  • TASTE: 7/10
  • VALUE: 6/10

Hotel Chocolat You Crack Me Up Egg

This egg is pricey but will last longer than most

  • £30
  • 395g
  • £7.49 per 100g

If you’re looking for something seriously sweet, this extra thick egg could be the one for you.

One side is creamy caramel-white chocolate while if you take a bite of the other half, you’ll get a mouthful of 40% milk chocolate.

It will take some effort to crack it open, but once you get in it is really quite delicious.

It’s rich compared to Cadbury – and incredibly expensive – but this will definitely last you longer than all the others I tried.

  • TASTE: 10/10
  • VALUE: 7/10

WINNER: Cadbury Creme Egg Easter Egg

The iconic Easter treat topped the best choc eggs test

  • £5
  • 235g
  • £2.13 per 100g

You are definitely paying a bit more for the Cadbury brand here.

That said I’m a huge fan and love the chocolate. The chocolate egg was slightly thicker than some cheaper brands, which I liked.

Plus the milk chocolate was creamy and more-ish. It was hard not to eat it all in one go.

You get two delicious Creme Eggs thrown in, too. Yummy.

  • TASTE: 10/10
  • VALUE: 9/10
  • OVERALL SCORE: 10/10

Galaxy Milk Chocolate Indulgence Easter Egg

Chocolate fans get several extra bars of Galaxy

  • £6
  • 310g
  • £1.62 per 100g

A very smooth, melt-in-the-mouth creamy chocolate egg from Galaxy.

There’s a lot of chocolate in the box including the foil-wrapped egg and three flavoured Galaxy bars including Cookie Crumble and Galaxy Caramel.

It felt like a lot of chocolate in the box – but bare in mind you could buy three 200g bars for the same price and you’d get a lot more for your money.

There’s something special about it though, and it makes a lovely Easter gift.

  • TASTE: 10/10
  • VALUE: 7/10

Lindt Blood Orange Easter Egg

Lindt’s flavoured egg might not be to everyone’s taste

  • £9
  • 260g
  • £3.46 per 100g

Both the Lindt egg and truffles had a lovely orange aroma and just the right hint of orange.

The best thing in the box were the gorgeous orange truffles which were delicate, creamy and rich.

Compared to other chocolate brand, this is more expensive costing £3.46 per 100g of chocolate but it also feels more luxurious.

It’s very rich but if you like orange chocolate, you’ll love this.

  • TASTE: 9/10
  • VALUE: 6/10

Malteser Easter Egg

Easter bunny fans will love the extra Maltesers treats

  • £5
  • 265g
  • £1.88 per 100g

Another Mars egg, but you pay more if you like Maltesers.

The egg tasted lovely with a nice creamy milk chocolate and I adored the three milk chocolate Malteser bunnies that came with it.

These are only worth 50p each though so you’re paying £3.50 just for the egg.

  • TASTE: 9/10
  • VALUE: 7/10

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