I won £2.8million jackpot after raiding by son’s piggy bank for last £50p – now I’m cursing my luck and can’t leave home

Lottery winner who scooped £2.9million says he now regrets winning prize money, Anoop purchased the ticket on September 17 - a day before he intended to fly to Malaysia for a job - following breaking open his son's piggybank, ,

A DAD who won a £2.8 million jackpot has now regretted his win as he has been left trapped in his own home.

Autorickshaw driver Anoop Babu was in so much debt he confessed he raided his son’s piggy bank to get the last 56p to buy the lottery ticket.

Anoop says he regrets winning the big prize

The dad said he had to raid his son’s piggy bank to get 56p

Despite winning the whopping sum solves a lot of his problems, the dad says he has regretted winning as he has been bombarded with requests by strangers and relatives.

He said: “I wish I hadn’t won. The third prize may have been better.”

Anoop from the Indian state of Kerala had applied for a loan from the bank and was even planning to move to Malaysia to work as a cook, the Times report.

The distressed lottery winner says he has regretted winning the big prize as dozens gather every day outside his house in Thiruvananthapuram waiting to ask him for money while others follow him on the street.

In a video posted on social media, Anoop said: “I went and stayed at my relative’s house, but somehow people found that place too and came there.

“Now I came to my house as my child is unwell. I cannot even take my child to hospital as people are coming and seeking help.”

Anoop -who has been buying lottery tickets for 15 years but has never won- used to earn about 14,000 rupees a month (£158).

He said he plans to use his winnings to pay off his debts, build a house, help his family and donate to charity before setting up his own business.

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