Iceland changes iconic slogan to be more inclusive


New slogan aims for inclusivity

Iceland has decided to update its famous slogan "that’s why mums go to Iceland" after two decades to be more inclusive. The frozen foods giant has replaced Kerry Katona with Josie Gibson and changed the line to "that’s why we go to Iceland." The move, revealed for the first time recently, is intended to make people of all genders and ages feel welcome.

Critics call it "a step too far"

While Iceland's attempt at inclusivity has been met with positivity, some critics think otherwise. Shoppers like Andrea Jeffers, Pat Perry, and Denise Crouch believe that the old slogan wasn't broken and didn't need fixing. They feel that the change is unnecessary and a form of pandering.

Iconic slogan gets retired

Since 1988, Iceland had been using the iconic slogan with Kerry Katona as the face of their ads for five years. Kerry expressed her disappointment at the change, stating that the majority of shoppers are indeed mums. However, Iceland's new face, Josie Gibson, looks forward to her role in representing the brand.

Iceland aims to be inclusive

Iceland's executive chairman, Richard Walker, emphasized that while the brand has been associated with mums, it serves a diverse range of customers from all walks of life. The company wants to be seen as welcoming to everyone, including students, seniors, single parents, dads, and fitness enthusiasts.

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