I’m a building expert – here’s why you’re finding mould in your kitchen… and how to get rid of it


A BUILDING expert has revealed why Brits could find mould in your kitchen – and what you need to know to get rid of it.

The TikTok user known as ‘Charliediyte’ took to the social media site to reveal his tips to his 25,300 followers.

DIY expert gave his advice on how to deal with mould in a kitchen

One tip was to turn the extractor fan on when boiling something

Charlie said: “You move into a nice dry, new house.

“You bolt everything shut. You start pumping moisture into that house and three months down the line, you start to find mould and condensation.

“So if you’ve got a kitchen extractor fan please switch it on when you’re boiling stuff and ideally open a window as well because an extractor fan is not very effective when it’s operating in a room with no through draft because you’re creating a sort of vacuum.

“And that makes it harder to extract the moisture.”

He added: “Kettles are also a massive culprit and ours boils for an insane amount of time, before it automatically switches off.

Many commentators chipped in with their own comments.

One person wrote: “Open all windows for 10mins every day regardless of the weather.”

Charlie added his agreement, writing: “Yes, definitely worth doing this.”

Another user added: “Proper insulation and a dehumidifier is the key. Otherwise, low temperature in outside walls will condensate air in contact with them.”

A third agreed with Charlie, writing: “He’s totally right. My neighbour argued saying that his place has a moisture problem. I’m like, do you ever open a window? And he said no… lol.”

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Charlie advised to open a kitchen window when cooking

Charlie revealed kettles were a big problem
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