I’m a property expert – how you can add thousands to the value of your home for £200


HOMEOWNERS can add easily thousands to the value of their property – all you have to do is buy a few plants and flowers, according to an expert.

The housing market has experienced a turbulent last few months with mortgage rates climbing.

Jonathan Rolande says sprucing your home up with plants can add thousands to its value

It means some might be holding off from moving home for the time being.

But many will still be looking to move to pastures new and if you are looking to sell your property, you’ll want to do all you can to up its value.

Luckily, HOAR spoke to Jonathan Rolande, property expert from the National Association of Property Buyers, who offered his one top tip – and it involves buying flowers and plants.

Doing this can increase the value of your home by thousands of pounds.

Jonathan said: “You can spend about £200 on plants, and they can change the look of a room and make it feel fresh and bright.

“And you can take them with you afterwards.

“It increases the saleability. You buy some nice plants, clean the rooms and the estate agent photos will look a lot better.

“This means you get more people looking around, more competition, and you can barter the price more.

Jonathan estimated adding some plants to your home ups its value by around 1%.

The average UK house price was £281,272 in December, according to Halifax.

So employing Jonathan’s tip could see you see you boost your sale price by roughly £2,800, all for minimal investment.

Jonathan added: “People buy into the dream of a house, the idea that you could move yourself in there.

“You can’t put a price on that. That’s what sells the property.”

You don’t have to fork out hundreds on plants either.

Dobbies Garden Centre sells house plants with prices starting from £5.99 while Marks and Spencer stocks them from £6.

How else can you boost the value of your home?

Adding plants to your home is just one way to boost its value when you come to selling.

Jonathan said something as simple as a well-positioned air freshener or candle can add thousands as well.

He said: “Subconsciously, the door opens and you are buying into that property straight away.

“Something at this time of year worth choosing would be something spring like.

“People are imagining having their friends over for a BBQ.

“There’s interest in properties at the minute so it’s about making your home desirable.”

And you can do more.

Chris Husson-Martin, a housing expert from Hamptons estate agent, previously offered some tips to add some value to your home for less.

Giving your a fresh lick of paint is one way.

You can get tubs for £12 from Wilko or Amazon has them on sale for £4.99 too.

You can of course get a painter in, but it’ll be cheaper to do the job yourself.

Adding a few lights to your home can add thousands to the value of your home as well, Chris said.

Making the most of natural light will help brighten up your home too.

So move any furniture that’s blocking windows around the house.

Meanwhile, you can sell any old and unused items on websites like Depop, Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, eBay or Vinted.

You could earn yourself £100s too.

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