Inside abandoned Kildare army barracks with busted windows, empty warehouses and creepy furnaces


THIS former army barracks in Kildare is totally abandoned, with busted windows, a massive empty warehouse and a pair of creepy furnaces.

A TikToker, who posts under the username @forgotten_treasures_irl revealed the massive find that was build all the way back in the early 1900s.

The abandoned barracks was built in the early 1900s

The old army base is seriously creepy

Nature is beginning to take over the abandoned site

One massive warehouse is now completely empty

The barracks was initially built on the former Lock Hospital in Kildare town, becoming home to the 31st and 33rd Brigades of the Royal Field Artillery.

In 1925 the Irish Army moved in, and by 1938, a new barracks was built on site.

The Barracks closed 60 years later in 1998.

And while it was used to house refugees and asylum seekers fleeing the Kosovo war, it has since been abandoned.

Exploring the massive site, the barracks almost has a post apocolyptic feel to it.

Outside, the expansive concrete courtyards are covered in weeds and dead grass.

The buildings themselves are also in an uninhabitable state as ivy grows through the bricks and rusty drainpipes hang from the walls.

And of the hundreds of windows on the massive set of buildings, it seems as though all of them has been smashed through.

Moving inside, mould and old paint can be seen peeling from the walls and onto the floors, which are now covered in dirt and rubble.

A massive warehouse is also lying completely empty, save for some mounds of rubbish and the graffiti lining the walls.

Creepier again are the two massive furnaces that were left behind in another room.

The rusty old beasts are now missing their doors and are still piled high with dirt and ash.

And to top the whole trip off, the TikTok explorers even found a burnt our car nestled behind another outbuilding.

Thankfully, Magee barracks’ story doesn’t end here, as plans have been made for its revival.

In 2016, the 51 acre site was sold to BFF Capital Partners for a cool €8.2 million.

And in the years since, plans have even been devised for a 1000 pupil secondary school, which is set to be open for enrolments in the coming years.

The 51 acre site was bought for over €8 million in 2016

The future of the abandoned barracks is unclear
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