Martin Lewis reveals handy trick to extend and triple your Tesco Clubcard points before £15m expire


MARTIN Lewis has revealed a little-known trick to extend and triple your Tesco Clubcard points.

It comes as the supermarket chain has warned there are more than £15million worth set to expire on May 31.

Martin Lewis has revealed a little-known trick to extend and triple your Tesco Clubcard points

The points, which were first issued in May 2021, have to be redeemed within two years.

Plus, Tesco is also reducing the value of reward vouchers which can be used to get discounts at restaurants and theme parks.

At the moment, customers can exchange and triple the value of these vouchers at various places including Pizza Express and Zizzi.

But from June 14, Clubcard vouchers will only be worth double their value.

Martin explained on Good Morning Britain last week that this means if you extend your expiring points by Wednesday, you’ll get triple their value and you’ll be able to use them for longer too.

He said: “Go online and check, or on the app, and check whether you have any of these vouchers, it will tell you if you have any unused vouchers.

“It’s worth noting that currently you can trade in a £5 voucher for three times the value – £15 worth – on things like Pizza Express or Legoland.

“From June 14 they’re going to be double, but if you trade them in now, it’s valid for a year.”

But, in order to extend them for triple their value you’ll need to follow Martin’s handy trick.

Just make a small purchase on the Tesco Clubcard Rewards website and you’ll get the remaining points credited back to your account.

Martin explained: “Say you’ve got a £10 voucher, you go online, you login, you spend say 50p of your £10, so you’ve now got £1.50 in restaurant vouchers – because 50p becomes £1.50.

“For the rest of the £9.50, they re-issue it and it lasts another two years.

“So if you spend just a little bit of the voucher, the rest of it is re-issued and it lasts another two years.”

You won’t get this if you buy something in store or online using the voucher though – it’s only if you’re using them on rewards.

You’ll need to do this for every voucher you have which is expiring.

You can find out how many Clubcard points you have in the app. Just head to your account and select statements.

The app is available for both iPhone and Android users.

You can log in to the Tesco Clubcard website, which shows your voucher history, including points that haven’t been spent yet.

How does the Tesco Clubcard scheme work?

Tesco’s Clubcard was launched in 1995, allowing shoppers to earn points as they shop which can then be turned into vouchers for money off food or other partner schemes. 

Each time you spend £1 in store and online, you get one point when you scan your card or app.

You also get one point for every £2 spent on fuel.

One point equals 1p, so 150 points gets you £1.50, for example.

You’ll need a minimum of 150 points to request a voucher.

Once you have enough points, you can turn them into vouchers worth the face value to spend in store at Tesco, or you can triple their worth to spend at reward partners, including restaurants, and on days out.

Clubcard holders also get cheaper prices on some items compared to those without the loyalty card.

For more loyalty schemes, you can read a full list and our verdict over which ones are worth it here.

Plus, here are six tricks to get the most from your Tesco Clubcard as points ahead of their value being slashed.

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