M&S brings back much-loved mango-flavored grapes


Shoppers are in a frenzy as M&S reintroduces a beloved snack: mango-flavored grapes. These unique grape flavors have been a hit since they first hit the shelves in 2012. M&S already sells two other unconventional grape flavors – cotton candy and tutti frutti, and they have previously offered strawberry-flavored grapes as well.

Unusual Taste, No Artificial Flavors

These flavorful grapes get their distinctive taste through innovative cultivation methods rather than artificial flavorings. M&S has spent years experimenting and crossbreeding thousands of grape varieties to create the perfect flavors.

Joy on Social Media

Bad mango puns aside, fans of the mango-flavored grapes have taken to social media to express their delight. One shopper on Facebook raved, "The mango ones are so good." Another commented, "All are lovely but cotton candy is amazing, tutti frutti comes second, and mango is third – especially when chilled." It seems that the mango flavor has garnered quite a following.

Seasonal and Limited Availability

Since these flavored grapes are seasonal, they won't be available all year round. Therefore, it's advisable to grab a punnet sooner rather than later to savor the taste. M&S stocks the cotton candy and tutti frutti flavors in all of their main stores, while the mango variety is only available in selected locations. The cost of these flavorsome fruits is £3.20 for a 400g pack, compared to £2.65 for a pack of normal white grapes.

Where to Find Them

To find your nearest M&S food hall, you can use the store locator on their website. Ocado shoppers can also order the tutti frutti and cotton candy grapes for home delivery. However, M&S is not the only supermarket that offers these funky grape flavors. Sainsbury's and Tesco also sell candy floss flavored grapes.

Shutting Stores and Relocating

In other news, M&S recently announced the closure of ten stores and their relocation to new sites. This decision follows a series of closures for the retailer.

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