M&S reveals strict new measures to buy dinner favourite – and shoppers aren’t happy

RARE FIND M&S reveals strict new measures to buy key ingredient - and shoppers aren't happy,

MARKS and Spencer has resorted to putting just a handful of steaks on display due to rampant shoplifting.

The famous supermarket chain has now been forced to cut back on the number of sirloins, ribeye and fillet steaks on the shelves due to “high incidences of theft.”

The photograph that was posted on social media showing a reduced display of steaks in a Marks and Spencer store

Images were posted on social media over the weekend which showed an M&S in Harrow with just three steaks on display, each representing a different cut.

The person who posted the photograph on Twitter said that staff told her that they were forced to take the measure due to thefts of meat from the store.

They said: “Popped into M&S to buy steaks & they only had 3 packs of different cuts.

“I said to the worker ‘You’ve been busy’ & she said they only display 3 different packs at one time as thieves clear the shelves in one swoop and do a runner. You have to ask staff for more packs. I’m shocked.”

A spokesman for M&S said: “Like many other retailers , in certain stores where there have been a high incidence of theft, we will sometimes limit the number of higher value items that are on display to deter shoplifters and keep our colleagues and customers safe.

“If a customer wants more of a particular item than is displayed on the shelf, our colleagues are always on hand.”

In April this year HOAR reported how Morrisons had started locking alcohol away to prevent thefts.

The supermarket giant secured its alcohol behind glass cases meaning customers can’t simply browse the shelves.

Customers at the Morrisons at Five Ways in Birmingham had to press a button and then wait for an assistant to turn up who then unlocks the door.

Last summer images appeared online showing a block of cheddar worth £3.99 in Aldi with a security tag on.

Another user posted photographs showing a pack of lamb chops in the Co-op priced at £8 inside a security box.

The Daily Telegraph reported that images had been appeared online showing a Co-op store displaying “dummy jars” of coffee due to issues with shoplifting.

In March the British Retail Consortium’s annual crime survey reported three million more shoplifting incidents in 2021 to 2022 than in 2016 to 2017.

The trade association said that 8 million incidents in 2021-2022 cost retailers near £1 billion.

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