Neighbours Furious as Council Refuses to Demolish Ancient Barn


Residents in Martham Demand Removal of 200-Year-Old Building

Furious villagers in Martham, near Great Yarmouth, are locked in a battle with local authorities over their neighbour's dilapidated barn. Despite being deemed a hazard to motorists due to its proximity to the road, the council has refused to grant permission to tear it down.

Hazardous Location Raises Concerns

The ancient barn, situated on a bend in the road, has caused numerous near misses and scrapes. Residents argue that its derelict state and lack of historical significance make it unnecessary to preserve.

Ancient Barn Lacks Historical Value, Say Critics

Locals claim that the barn, which has been patched up with asbestos sheets, holds no architectural or local value. They argue that the road realignment should take precedence over preserving the building.

Council Endorses Preservation

While residents are demanding the demolition of the barn, the council has defended its decision. A planning inspector has supported the council's stance, stating that the barn could have a "beneficial use." The council encourages the retention and refurbishment of such barns.

Road Safety Concerns

Councillor Paul Hooper warns that the barn poses a serious traffic hazard. The road narrows at the bend, requiring school buses to squeeze through. Minor scrapes and accidents have already occurred in the area.

Demolition Urged by Surveyor

A surveyor has called for the council to demolish the barn due to road safety concerns. They argue that the council should have given more weight to the potential dangers and the need for realignment.

A spokesperson for Great Yarmouth Borough Council acknowledges concerns over the loss of the barn but emphasizes its importance to the local area. The council is pleased that the Planning Inspectorate has endorsed their policy of retaining and refurbishing barns for beneficial use.

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