One bedroom flat could be yours for £970-a-month… with a very tight surprise

A ONE bedroom flat has been listed to rent with a bizarre feature in the bathroom - an extremely narrow door to the garden. The part-furnished property in Brighton, East Sussex boasts a unique door found right next to the shower cubicle which appears to be no wider than one ft. One image shows the white tiled bathroom which contains a shower cubicle with sliding glass doors, a sink and a radiator. To the right-hand-side of the shower cubicle is a very tall and narrow door, complete with a handle, a keyhole and pane of frosted glass. The door appears to be no more than one ft wide and is so thin that tenants will have to turn sideways to move through doorway.

A FLAT, listed for £970 per month, has caught attention for its tiny hidden feature.

At first, it seems like any other one-bed flat in the local area, but prospective renters are likely to be surprised by its unusually small back door.

The Brighton flat is listed for £970 per month

It has caused a social media stir over its tiny and oddly placed back door

The part-furnished property in Brighton has an extremely narrow door into the garden.

Not only is it small, but also strangely placed, wth the mini exit just to the right of the shower.

The door appears to be no more than a foot wide.

Tenants would most likely have to turn sideways to get out.

Despite its small size, the door comes complete with a handle, a little keyhole and a pane of frosted glass.

The door has caused a social media stir, with one commenter saying: “Pretty sure that’s against regulations as a secondary means of escape in case of a fire.”

Another chimed in: “Fire regulations say windows should have a minimum width of 450mm but no mention of door width, I wonder if they got this through on a depressing technicality.”

The rest of the property includes a light and airy bedroom, a decent-sized kitchen with a four-burner gas stove and oven, and a lovely all-white bathroom.

It also boasts a wood-chipped back garden, with a table and chairs, as well as new carpets throughout the flat.

Estate agents David Maslen listed the property, calling it: “A rarely available compact first floor one bedroom garden flat located in a popular residential area just off Elm Grove, with great transport links across the city.”

Beyond the door lies a wood-chipped garden with a table and chairs

The property also features an open-plan kitchen and a light-filled bedroom