Online estate agent lets people sell homes in the North ‘for free’ – saving them up to £3,600


A DIGITAL estate agent is letting Brits sell their homes in the North ‘for free’ – meaning sellers don’t have to pay any agency fees.

Strike, which launches today, lets people manage their adverts for their own homes through an app on their phone.

Brits can now sell their homes without paying agency fees

Sellers can also manage viewings and offers through the app, accept, reject and propose new times for viewing requests or message buyers directly once they’ve booked a viewing or made an offer.

Buyers can also message sellers once a viewing has been sorted or they’ve bid for a home.

Strike says sellers using their service could save more £3,600 in commission fees, based on the national average house price according to Land Registry data.

From today, people in the North of England, including Yorkshire, North West and Tyne-Tees regions, can list their houses for sale on Strike or start browsing for their new home.

The agency says it will create of dozens of jobs in the North East as it expands to cover Newcastle, Sunderland, Middlesbrough and the Borders.

Strike will also be expanding its HQ too.

The app-based estate agent was previously known as Housesimple, which launched in 2019 and sold homes in the South.

As of today, Housesimple has re-branded and expanded to the North to form Strike.

We’ve asked Strike how long you can list your house for free for and we will update this article when we hear back.

Sam Mitchell, chief executive officer at Strike, said: “Strike is here to redefine the way we move. Estate agencies haven’t changed for 200 years, we’ve been overcharged and underwhelmed. It’s time for a change.

“With Strike, we’re taking everything customers loved about Housesimple, making it more intuitive and adding a new mobile edge.”

The launch comes as one in six Brits said they would make an offer on a property after a virtual viewing.

First-time buyers and families are also predicted to save thousands thanks to a stamp duty holiday.

And we’ve explained how much you can save during the holiday.